Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Stereotypes Here

I dont really buy into that 50's housewife bollocks

I grew up in a house where the mum worked night shift so the dad cooked and cleaned.

My job is far from physically taxing so I make sure when i'm home the mrs doesn't have to do too much. Wrangling 6 children for 12 hours while i'm at work has got to be hardenough.

I've been able to take a 4 day weekend so Mamma bare trotted off to a friends blessingway today which let me get stuck into a few things around the house. We've had a busy 2 weeks so the washing (read) folding was a little out of hand. I also enjoy some housework, like vacuming, I love it, mainly because of our Dyson, but still.

This was todays pile of washing, just to give you an idea of what 8 people generate.

(It actually multiplie by 3 loads after I took that shot )

And folded........

You'll notice the blue tshirt on top is wet, miss p decided to tip her cup of water on the pile...........Thanks

So what housework have YOU done lately?

Until Next Time.......

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