Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harking back to the times of Old

Yesterday we hit up the “Australian Blacksmithing Expo” The annual expo was held on one of the local farms that was one of the first to be established in the area. It wasn’t just for black smithing enthuisiasts there was also:
Fabric Felting
Steam and Traction Engines
Clay Art
Medieval Re-enactors
Pony Rides
Devonshire tea
Wood Turning
And much more ........

First order of business was the archery

Miss L wasn't overly interested in the archery and promptly stated she wanted a pony ride when it came to her turn with the bow and arrows, so off we went
T went for the biggest pony (Note mamma Bares excitment, I think she wanted a go more than the children)
L Opted for the white one
Little P went on the little black one
B on the large one

Miss P hanging on for dear life
C was rather shy about the whole thing.
Next up was felting, I for one had no idea this was how you made felt, the ladies running the stall were more than happy to teach the kids how to make felt.
The boys tried their hand at pottery, we will definitely be buying some clay for more of this at home
A view from the top
All in pottery action
Of course there was blacksmithing, this was one of about a dozen different stalls, the machine behind the fire is actually an automatic hammer and was very impressive to watch.

Nextup was the medieval re-enactors, this was a hit with the kids, I really admire the people who don the traditional gear in australian sun and fight it out, it looked very exhausting.
B was allowed to suit up
Noble Knight

T went next, I was amazed at the weight of the chain armour
A Sword battle ensued

The armour was divided

Next up little miss P was challenged to a battle

C had another go omn the horse, this time the bigger one, but was still very shy about it all

B continued to try on various pieces of armour

This was impressive. it weighed more than him
B also wanted a shot at felting
and thats about it.
A great day had by all, a first taste of the aussie summer sun to come too.
Until next time.......

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