Sunday, October 3, 2010

WDYWWIG's Correct Use of Photographic Equipment

An all too common conversation with my Eldest and Youngest Sons played out like this yesterday:

ME: Why are there finger prints all over the camera Lense?
ELDEST: I Don't know none of us have touched it.
ME: Someone must have! There are dirty finger Prints all over the lense
YOUNGEST: I haven't touched it
ME: Strange then, maybe we should see if the camera caught any evidence
###Opens camera, inserts SD Card into laptop###

ME: Hey that looks like your hand, and your transformer, and.....HEY YOUR HAND IS FILTHY!!
YOUNGEST: (Calmly) No that was B
ELDEST: No It wasn't thats YOUR hand you can tell, my fingers are longer

ME: Hmm well lets see what other pics this resident "phantom photographer" took yeah?

YOUNGEST: Thats me (Giggles)

ME: Oh So your sister was also a perp was she?

ELDEST: No She took that herself

ME: How did she take it herself both her hands are in her mouth?

(Scrolls to next Photo)

ELDEST: Her hands aren't in her mouth in that shot it was definately her!!

ME: But how is she holding the camera when her arms are spread apart?

ELDEST: Urrgh.... Um

ME: I dont have a problem with you guys taking photos some of them turn out awesome, you just need to keep your fingers off the lense.

ELDEST: Well I always make sure I....... N E V E R touch the lense

ME: Hmm Ok

(Scrolls some more)

ME: Hey thats a photo of your baby sister with your finger on the lense??

ELDEST: That wasn't me I N E V E R touch the lense!!!!

ME: Why is that you slipper I can see in the shot?

ELDEST: Urrgh...Um


ME: Why is your 9 month old sister touching the camera?

ELDEST: Urrgh... Um

Scrolling some more

Next conversation...

ME: I just cleaned some pretty nasty finger prints off the camera lense, you gotta make sure they use it properly, even when we updgrade and ours becomes theirs they still need to keep the lense clean or their shots will not turn out.

Mamma Bare: I ALWAYS make sure they dont touch the lense when they use the camera

ME: Strange then, maybe we should see if the camera caught any evidence?

###Opens camera, inserts SD Card into laptop###

For the purpose of maintining marital harmony the conversation ended here.
Until next time...........
(Which should be tomorrow as i'm having a go at Blogtoberfest. Trying to do a daily post for all of this month.)

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  1. OMG I was giggling and giggling through that post and then you got to the last photo and I was laughing out loud, full belly shaking laughter :D