Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Facial Hair Avoision

As the eldest son of a Moustach Afficionado with over 40 years upper lip grooming experience i'd like to make a confession............................................................

I'm facial hair inept, I seriously cannot manage even a rough beard, this is the best i've achieved after what felt like 6 months (I think it was more like 5 weeks)I participated in Movember a few years back, I raised a few hundred dollars but the best I could manage was a marginal Errol Flynn
I'm constantly reminded of my facial hair failings. Especially when I see other friends who clearly have no trouble grizzlying it up. Check out Jman - Apwools hub for example. When they came to visit us he was sporting some bearded awesomeness

Sheesh Keanu can do a better job than I can

Its not like I'm bald all over I have ample chest hair and have had since my late teens, its just the face, it doesnt grow and when it does there are gaps everywhere.

I'm jonesing for something along the lines of an early Tom Selleck (one of my idols)

I had even contemplated trying to document one of my many failed beard growing attempts here but alas it never came to fruition.

With Summer approaching I may just have to try and deal with my 3rd rate facal hair for another year.

Maybe in prep for next winter i'll explore options for promoting good facial hair growth, I tried the peanut butter solution, but unfortunately no dice.

Until next time......


  1. Maybe Ealesy should run a workshop? That guy can sprout a full beard in an afternoon ;P

  2. It must have taken him years of laziness training to achieve that sort of beard skillz