Sunday, February 7, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things - Tools

You're only as useful as your tools allow you to be. I thought i'd run throught the 5 most useful tools I own. Everybody should amass a tool collection.

1) Rubber mallet AKA FBH (F*&$ing Big Hammer). This thing does it all, i've change tyres, beat panels straight, broken apart furnitured warned off would be carjackers (ok that last one was a lie).

It was actually a purchase from a local market from memory but the wooden handle quickly broke so a steel handle was retro fitted. The Tape measure should give you an idea of the size of this puppy.

2) Driver Set (With tamper proof bits). I stole this from a former employer (its ok they went bust so they aint missing it). This set comes with normlat screw driver bits as well as tamper proof stuff (good for tampering). As they are clip in style they go well with number 3 on this list.

3) Cordless drill. So so handy, I bought it with 2 batteries so I always have one charging and one draining. Its far from top $$ as far as drills go but its survived some hefty drops of the years. I highly reccomend getting one if you purchase ikea furniture.

4) My Dyson. Yes I will be the first to say it, i'm a man and I enjoy vacuming. You cannot do a full house with anything less than a dyson.
5) Leatherman Wave. Last but most importantly!!! This is the most usefull thing I own, it was a fathers day gift about 10 years ago. IF you own one tool you NEED a leatherman.

I have many more tools, honorable mentions go to my socket and allen key sets as well as my heat gun, angle grinder & Multimeter. You can never have enough, I'd like to add some circlip plyers and a torque wrench this yeah.

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