Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Just too busy living life to waste time writing about it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's that time of year again

Nevus Conference 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GCMN - Surgery Round 5

Apologies first of all for the lack of blog posts, life has been busy.

Apologies also for the crappy phone pics. Despite me packing 3 laptops, a tablet, & chargers, 2 phones, 4 suitcases, 2 back packs, a satchel & clothes for 3 days............... I forgot to pack our camera.

Thursday last week was a busy one. Mr C had to be at the new Royal Children's Hospital for pre-Op check in at 12 so we had all bags packed and ready the night before. Mamma Bear's parents were watching Mr B, Mr T & the 3 Girls and Miss M was coming with MB and I to the hospital.

We made excellent time and had the children at the inlaws by 9:30 leaving us plenty of time to switch from the bus to the mirage and headed into the city. After arriving about an hour early, Mr C was fasting so we had to hold off on brunch instead MB snuck off for a salad roll before we explored the new hospital. I have to say so many things are improved about the new RCH. Parking is ample, its reasonably easy to find your way around, there are plenty of activities for children from large touch screen computer games to a 2 story aquarium, playgrounds icecream shops and much more.

As midday approached we headed up to pre-op and signed in. There used to be multiple waiting rooms on the one floor for surgery there is now one large waiting room, the seating wasn't very well thought out and with 30 odd families crammed in it felt very loud and busy. C was content playing with a couple of transformers I had bought earlier and when they became less exciting he played games on my tablet.

The nurse saw us first weighing him and asking the usual questions before the anaesthesiologist saw us, it was the same doc from C's last op and was very friendly. We were 3rd in line so we were given a pager so we could go for a walk but as we were about to leave it was suggested we should hang around as it would be sooner than expected.

By About 2:30 we were being called in. We changed C into his theatre gown and were greeted by Tony Pennington (his surgeon) along with the anaesthesiologist and one of the plastics registrars. It was discussed and agreed that along with further serial excision of C's Cheek, temple and eyebrow they would also remove the dog ear in his crown from the last op (which was making his hair stand on end). 

Pre-Op Thumbs Up
MB took some snaps before saying goodbye and I headed down the corridor towards theatre. Some gas and anaesthetic and pretty soon C was snoozing so I kissed him and left.

Most times when C is under we grab a bite to eat and hang around the waiting area but because this time MB had arranged to stay and Ronald McDonald House we walked down the road and checked her in and chilled out for all of about 10 minutes before heading back.

We timed it well because we were only waiting what seemed like about 10 minutes before the doc came out and gave us the feedback that all went well. Within another 10 minutes we were by C's bedside in recovery. Some times they have used full dressings on his head other times they have left the sutures exposed, this time they had dressed his temple, eyebrow and cheek and had left the sutures exposed up through his scalp to his crown. He was super groggy coming out of the GA and also on morphine. He was trying to eat an icypole but was clumsily missing his mouth. We were able to start talking to him and soon we were on our way up to the ward.

Recovering on the ward
 The new rooms are really nice, spacious, with seating for a few people plus a chase style couch doubles as a bed for parents. Each room has its own bathroom with dozens of chanels on TV including games and other activities. We kicked back and waited for the drugs to wear off. As soon as he was lucid C wanted food so we started with Jelly and a drink followed by some yoghurt which he brought up pretty quickly.

We left him happily watching TV so I could walk MB to Ronald Mac house and on my return C was already looking for more food. Its hard watching the little ones go all day without food then as soon as they can eat again they go too fast and end up bringing it all up. He did so again with the second serving of food and drink. We decided to leave it til morning so we sat up and watched several episodes of mythbusters on his Laptop while MB and I emailed one another.

I ended up falling asleep at about 1am and slept comfortably although I was woken pretty regularly by some machine in the corridor beeping. I got up around 4:30 and decided to stay up. By 7 C was awake and looking for food. He ate a bowl of corn flakes followed by a bowl of rice bubbles then a bowl of wheat bix, and more importantly kept it all down so I was hopeful we could go home that morning.

Our youngest son and youngest daughter
After a surgical review and some visits by random channel 7 celebrities (of which we had no idea who they were) we had the all clear and headed home.

After checking out we played games
Today is 5 days on and we have a Gp Appt to redress the temple/cheek/eyebrow area and a plastics review (and assuming sutures removed) next Monday. C has been propper spoilt (as always) and has truely impressed me yet again with his strength and courage.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

GCMN - the road so far

So Mr C started Prep today (well all the billy lids started school but I digress) I suggested talking to the teachers about his nevus, ops, scars, satelites and what not.

So I threw together a bit of DBPP and ended up with an interesting photo log of his journey so far.

Had to share

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

We took a chill out down at the river

Goals for this year a simple
1) Rock the new house out
2) Get fitter
3) Ride motorcycles more