Saturday, October 2, 2010

Music, Sweet Music

It's been a while since I posted some high rotation faves in my mp3 collection. This time I thought I'd pay homage to some Aussie artists.

While I listen to a wide variety of music everything from country to heavy to hip hop & all the those other genres in between I wouldn't consider my music tastes "eclectic". That award goes to B my 10 year old son who asked for Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" when I asked what songs he wanted me to put on a compilation disk for a bus trips. That's is all I have to say about that.

Dan Sultan "Letter"
Indigenous Australian Artist Dan Sultan really rocks, this is hands down my favourite song for 2010, but really it could be from 50 years ago, that's what I dig about it.

M-Phazes Feat Drapht - "Wheres Elvis"
M-Phazes released an album featuring just about every decent Australian hip hop artist worth listening to. I'll ease up on the Aussie Hip Hop now because I know most peeps dislike Rap. Well I like it (Well Aussie Hip anyway).

Bluejuice - "Broken Leg"
Described as "too straight for funk, too groovy for indie rock and too sweaty for pop" they have an organ, what more do I have to say.

Art vs Science "Magic Fountain"
Described as "part pop, part French electro, and part rock" this is probably the best electronic song I've heard in recent years, I highly recommend cranking this one before the 46th second mark.

Tame Impala "Solitude is Bliss"
No Comment, their sound its just.... No comment

Lisa Mitchell "Oh Hark"
I love that she was binned on Australian Idol but has since spanked it on the indie charts.

Sparkadia - "Talking Like I'm Falling Down Stairs"
Liking this to chill out to (& making my best efforts to walk like a young John Wayne)

More to come at a later date on the music front.

Also Its come to my attention that some peeps (namely a blogger I compete against) are making the effort to blog daily during October.

Stay tuned.....


  1. I do luff a music post :)
    I like to have variety in my music listenings, eclectic? I dunno, LOL. I have the unfortunate knack of getting into a band after the band has split or main people from the band have died... like the beatles, nirvana, george, elliot smith...

    I shall check out the vids at the end of the month when I am less scared of blowing our cap, hehe, though I do agree with what you said about Lisa Mitchell, and she is slowly growing on me.

    I'm all about The Grates at the moment though, they're awse :)

  2. Hey Apwool

    Out of ther 7 tunes I posted the first 3 are music only so they shouldn't use up too much of your quota.

    The Grates you say, I wonder who put you on to them.... ;)

  3. haha, don't get too cocky now! I actually discovered The Grate via rage yeeeeeears ago, so ner LOL. I just never got around to actually acquiring any of their music, *that* you did for me :D

  4. Well either way i'm happy to assist