Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some of the good things about living in the “country”

The sunrises – Every morning I see the sun come up over the ranges, sometimes there are clear skies and low fog in the valley and it looks amazing with purples and reds and the ranges poking out of a white blanket of fog.

The stars – With no bright lights of the city to dull things the night stars are impressive to say the least, its like being a kid again camping outside except you get to see it most nights......from your bed.

Clean Air – Normally in winter I’m on ventolin before bed every night but not the case here, didn’t even need any in the cold air on my walk on Sunday night. I'm hoping this continues.

Clean water – The water straight out of the tap is sensational, so clear and tasty without hint of chemicals or copper/pipe taste.

The wildlife – C and I sat on the front landing and watched a group of wild cockatoos picking the bark from one of the trees in the garden. They were crunching and chattering to one another and dropping debris all over the place. I’ve had a run in with a wombat, a lizard and also a huntsman spider. Ok the latter is one I’d prefer to avoid but its all part of it. Last night the biggest brush tail possum i've ever seen strolled across the deck, I really need to start taking photos.

Activity – There is usually something to do however in the event of having nothing doing nothing is just as constructive.

Wood fire heating – I’ll never use a heater again, there is nothing like the open fire and the hours you can waste away just staring into it.

The snow – 10-15 minutes and you’re there, sure its not 3 feet of fresh power but we don’t ski or board so its perfect for snow ball fights and tobogganing.

The River – Most Victorians picture a muddy smelly brown river when you mention the yarra however outside the city where it is no longer tidal or polluted by storm water drains it’s a really magnificent river with rapids and rock pools, walking beside it the nice is calming.

These are just a few reasons why I know that when we get our house finished we will be there for life, this part of the state feels like home, and its great to feel that for the first time in quite a while.

Until Next Time……

P.S. We got the letter for Mr C he is going in next Thursday to have the expander out, more news on that later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 week down

One week down, many more to go, but slowly we are settling in and making the place feel like home.

I've only had to kill 1 huntsman spider so far which i'm glad about however it was rather large.

I'm really liking having a fire, a big thanks to our wonderful Doula & husband who dropped off some wood a few days back.
To say this has been our hardest move to date would be an understatement, i've made at least a dozen trips sometimes with the bus packed, sometimes with a trailer and ute, sometimes with a larger trailer and ute. I really need a ute.

I continue to amaze myself at what I'm able to lift, be it the fridge or our enourmous lounge, the majority has been done solo by yours truly. (mamma bare helped too).

All the heavy lifting has actually helped me get in the right frame of mind to up the ante health wise.

So tonight I also completed the "River Walk" a couple of kilometres of winding trail along the river complete with suspension bridges and wild life surprises (tonight it was a friendly wombat).

I'm loving the fresh air, the quiteness and the clean water, this has also helped cut down on coke.

I'll ty and get some pics of the views and stuff over the next few days.

Until next time....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a week

We moved house this week, from our previous rental to another rental closer to our land so we can get starting building our dream house. Originally when we sold our old place we planned to rent for 2 years however we ended up spending twice what we planned to on land so an extra year renting isn’t so bad.

I think the best part about the new place is that on the whole there is so much space – 3 pantries, 2 linen presses, 4 bedrooms, a play room, a garage/workshop with underneath storage, massive lounge room, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, large laundry/Mud room, rear deck about 2/3 acre of yard.

There are a few draw backs though. The kitchen is the strangest shaped kitchen I have ever seen & the meals area is pokey, there is also that strange smell of “someone else’s house” which will clear.

It was a draining week leading up to the move though, I had little sleep on Monday and Tuesday night then Thursday night our youngest 3 all picked up a stomach bug from a guest who wasn’t well. So By Saturday at 2am I think I’d had about 14 hours sleep for the whole week.

We managed to get the majority of our stuff moved using the bus and a borrowed trailer from our Doula (the fridge was 20cm too tall for the bus). We still have a few large items, our couches, dining table, home school storage and all my garage bits and pieces but they will be collected with a rental van this weekend.

I will do a decent blog post about the new place and post some pics on the weekend

Until Then…….

Monday, July 5, 2010

More House Ideas - Eco Tech

One of the many ideas I am toying with for heating our house

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mourning The Loss Of A Family Member

Our trusty NEC laptop passed away today, its been good to us, it started out as the family laptop over 4 years ago. It then became Mumma Bare & the childrens then it became the childrens only, then with the recent adition of a desktop it became the younger childrens.

It had a hard life, it was missing several keys, it ran hot, I had to drill the case to create more ventilation. It was half full of flour and weetbix and all sorts of food types.


We used the opportunity to do a little lesson in laptops 101, B and I broke it down piece by piece. Fun was had by all, and it was educational.

Miss L Made her own new laptop or as she calls it "Footah"

Mr C called dibs on the wireless card, as you can see his expander grew again today.

Of course with all activities that go on at our house clothes ARE optional.

Until next time.....

We got it!

(The House That Is)

Can look forward to this every day

Move in next weekend.