Friday, October 29, 2010

The Master & the Apprentice

C had a follow up appointment with his surgeon today, we actually made great time on the drive in and were seen early. He will not require any further tissue expansion treatment but the doc does plan to do some follow-up smaller ops to fix/adjust/smooth out some areas that are still a work in progress. He asked me if we wanted to have some time off from surgeries or get back into it with an adjustment to his eyebrow first up. Given we were on the waiting list for over a year last time I figured might as well start waiting now so he added us to the waiting list.

C and I then headed over to my work. I set him up on my personal laptop with a few movies and TV shows over the partition from me and I think it’s fair to say he had a ball.

What's funny is that he is such a loud boisterous child except when he is around strangers then he is the opposite, quiet, softly spoken & shy.

He was lucky enough to also be spoilt by half a dozen members of staff with lollies and all sorts.

It tuckered him out, he slept the whole way home.

Until Next Time........

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