Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

A week in review

I started the week with another attempt at a paracord bracelet. Having looked at more examples on the net I realised that I could have tightened mine more. So I made another for myself (reusing the vintage matte black button) then re-tied my original smaller for Mr T. The craft theme continued as I ordered some additional paracord online - 100ft of black and 50 ft of camo.

I also went to lincraft and bought a mixed bag of buttons for $2.50, some cross stich thread for attaching the buttons and a couple of duffel coat style buttons, I tried one on T's bracelet but need to work out a better way to mount it.
T's with the duffel coat thingy
Mine being worn
Most of this additional stock is to do a craft session with the children but I also want to knock up one for apwool who has done sooooooo much knitting for the heads of both myself and my family members. Perhaps a scarf might tempt me to do one for J-man?? :P If peeps are interested in a bracelet hit me up and I'd be happy to do one.

Yesterday I purchased these wooden buttons for $2 each that I hope to use at some point.

We celebrated my 32nd birthday yesterday. We met MB's parents for lunch at our local pub and ate and laughed and drank for a few hours before hitting up a local nordic festival, there was an authentic viking camp site as well as kids farm, fairy floss, danish chocolates, hand made clothes, swords, hats and all sorts. (Its where I picked up the wooden buttons).

We came back to the house and the boys unloaded a uteful of wood while I got the fire going & MB made and iced a cake. I had two separate kips on the couch throughout the afternoon.

The fun didn't stop though, when MB's parents went to leave I wanted to move le boos and couldn't find the keys, this is weird for me as I'm pretty anal about putting stuff in the same place. We saw off the parentals then began to look for the bus keys, this started with me checking between couch cushions to all hands on deck for a top to bottom house search including outside and up the drive in the darkness by torch light. Almost certain they weren't in the house we called MB's parents to check if the keys had fallen out of my pocket when I backed their ute out. The keys weren't in the ute.

I should add at this point that through all this keys shenanigans I was pretty sure I left the keys in the front door when we got home from the festival. As we were about to extend the search to rubbish bins and all manner of places you dont want to sift through the phone rang. MB's mum had the keys in her back pocket. I'm pretty sure she followed me in and saw the keys hanging out of the front door and grabbed them. Fun and games in deed. Plans were made for me to pick up the keys & all was well. This did mean our planned movie was delayed so we only got to watch 2/3 of "The Way Back" before hitting the hay. All in all another great birthday.
Stacks on Dad


Hmm someone didn't understand how its done
Oh noes she is a little girl now
This is Kip #1
Its funny because I don't feel 32, looking back I felt pretty old and miserable about turning 31 last year but looking back there was a fair bit to be miserable about this time last year. C's tissue expansion, living in an annoying house, hating my job etc. These days while we aren't in our dream house and I'm not riding my Duc as much as I'd like to that's about all I can complain about.

There is so much more to be happy about. I like my job, its turning out like this contract will be extended for at least another 18 months (Today I approved my business card design). I love living amongst the mountains in the area where we are building our future, the children continue to brighten our every day as they grow so quickly (We just bought Mr B new basketball boots - size 8 mens Eek). I love that MB is growing a new life (she isn't as enthusiastic about feeling ill 24/7). All in all we are all happy & healthy and as I stared at my children huddled around the dining table coloring in under silent creative concentration I was also reminded how wealthy I am.

Really what more could you ask for?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A phone call.

Was all it took to seal the fate of fertile Steve

Today I booked in for my vasectomy, It was a lot quicker and straight forward than I imagined, I figured there would be a waiting list, extra appointments for counseling etc etc. I guess when you have baby #7 on the way you can forget about the the formalities.

To say I'm nervous is fairly accurate. I'm a firm believer of facing your fears, I had several growing up that I would label "Childhood Fears". The first was heights, I was so scared of heights I couldn't sleep on the top bunk as a child. I remedied this when I took up abseiling in my early teens. I've since bungee jumped, para sailed & jumped off a 50ft cliff into water. I hope to skydive one day also.

My second fear growing up was needles, I hated them with a passion, I think it stemmed from an allergy to a tetanus shot I received when I was about 10. Between my tattoos and the number of needles I had when I broke both my arms. My fear of needles is non-existant now as I give blood regularly.

The last fear was for the general health off testicles, specifically my scrotum. This was two fold, the first being when I was about 5 I somehow managed to open my sack on a nail that was poking out of a friends cubby house, my mates still remind me of this (usually at the pub in front of total strangers). The second part was due to immense sensitivity I experience during puberty. Looking back I'm sure with the amount I grew in such a short time my hormone factory was running 24/7 regardless I always lived in fear of injuring my balls.

Years later when we had just the two boys Mr B kicked me in the groin resulting in a swollen testicle and several trips to the GP & untrasounds. That and endless knees elbows and transformers to the testicles region and I'm quite confident i've toughened up.

Fast-forward a decade and I'm much braver nowadays, but that still doesn't make me feel a little nervous.

I'm a firm believer in the male doing his part to ensure pregnancies are no longer possible once a couple agrees to stop having children. Having seen MB push out monster baby after monster baby not to mention all the poking and prodding she received during her pregnancies was proof enough that I knew it was MY responsibility. My father had a vasectomy and my parents were very open about the fact that he was having one, I intend to explain my reasons with my sons too.

I think the part that is worrying me the most is actually the thought of having a local anesthetic injected into my scrotum, but given I used to be a nurse and love a bit of blood and gore I hope I get to watch the procedure.

I've arranged to spend a few days post snip at MB's parents house. Mainly because my children are constantly climbing on me or spontaneously hugging me I felt it best to avoid any accidental bumps or knocks. I also realise I'm cutting it a little close to MB and my date night in the city which is only a few weeks later on the 18/6 so seeing how often we have a night in a nice hotel sans children I want to be taking it very easy leading up to that.

Until Next Time........ Enjoy THIS

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding the right number

  • Our lifestyle isn't for everyone.
  • Sometimes the journey you learn most from is a difficult one.
  • 6 children is a lot of work.
  • Simple logistics of Saturday morning swimming lessons and basket ball games can required 4 trips and 2 vehicles.
  • Its usually always noisy at our house as voices are raised in a futile effort to be heard.
  • Usually a simple meal is frought with challenge between MB & I simply trying to compare stories from each others day.

The shock from other people when they hear I have 6 children starts to wane over time. You can really only be enthusiastic when someone exclaims "O H M Y G O D I C A N T B E L I E V E Y O U H A V E S I X C H I L D R E N" for the thousandth time. Its usually followed up with rather jovial "So....any more?" expecting my response to be "no way" instead I always get additional shock value when I answer "We'll probably go back for one more".

For some reason in the last few years (more so since Miss H arrived in late 09) we've felt that 7 was the "number". In part because we thrive in chaos and discord and 4 males and 4 females in the family seems a little too much like harmony.

We never planned on 7 from the get go, we were lucky to go back for a second after MB's horrible experience with Mr B. After that the only time I felt uneasy was the approaching arrival of baby #4. When he joined us Mr C had no room in our sedan, we upgraded to a 7 seater days after his birth Then again to our current 12 seater when miss H arrived. I think somewhere around baby #4 I looked into get a vasectomy however MB didn't feel "done" and looking back I wasn't sure either way.

My point of this post is part reflection and part-announcement.
(scroll down for added build up)

We are currently expecting, MB is up the duff, she has a bun in the oven etc etc

I have to say this came as a little surprise to us. We have been happily using the billings method for over 16 years using contraception during ovulation. Every pregnancy was planned and while we were planning for a 7th it was intended to be after we build our new house. Link

Well this little bean had other plans.

In hindsight MB suspects she actually ovulated twice as we used precautions during, before & after ovulation. One night of unprotected passion after being well clear of the "Danger Zone" was all it took.

This doesn't change priorities overly, we still intend to get cracking on the new house. Where we had intended to continue using billings method I now know that its drawing nearer to vasectomy o'clock. (In fact I have the referral in my wallet).

Quietly I'm hoping for a boy (Giving me enough players in the family for a mens basketball team) but will take anything (girl or panther).

We told MB's parents last Tuesday night then told the children on the way home in le boos. It led to a lengthy discussion on potential names some of those that I recall were:
Ben 10
James Tiberias
Hermoine (Seeing a trend here?)

As with the other children we will keep the short list to ourselves and because I don't post names on this here blog you'll have to get to know me better outside the webisphere if you want to find out.

Untill next time.........

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Craft Part 2

Used up the last of the cord (15 feet doesn't last long)

Need to buy some more (green, Brown & Black)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Idea Of Craft

While i'll admit I know how to sew that and perhaps beading is about the extent of my craftiness.

I've always admired the amount of things you can do with knot work, specifically paracord. Paracord (aka Parachute Cord or 550 Cord) is basically the stuff that laces a parachute together, you can pick it up at most proper surplus stores, tie stuff together, boot laces etc etc

There are many uses for the stuff and you can knot it into anything. I like the bracelets, you end up with a decent length of rope that whilst ornamental at first glance can come in handy in in survival scenarios or simple bush mechanics.
Bracelets adapted into watch bands
Lanyards & key chains
Sheaths & covering handles
Stubby holders

So with much inspiration from EDC I tracked down a shop in the city that stocked paracord, Bought 4 metres and decided to have a stab at it.

I followed a set of directions I had which outlined how to lay out the cord, estimate your wrist size and so on. It was surprisingly easy, I got the measurements right first go and did not have to unravel once.

There are several options for the clasp. D-Rings, an old coin, Buttons or even additional knots. I had a dollar coin set aside but found a large old black button in the bottom of Mamma bears sewing kit.

A little red thread for color and voila. Its not perfect but as a first attempt I'm super pleased.
It fits too.
Made from one single piece of cord around 11 foot long.

If I ever snap a throttle cable or have some form of bear grills moment I'm set now. I also knocked up a lanyard for my keys (same style with a longer loop). next up I think I'll try some work on the handle of my maglite.

The children showed quite a bit of interest so this might become a project for them too. First up......... need to buy more cord.

Until next time.....


I used my remaining cord for a key fob/loop using a Lanyard Knot

Thanks Stormdrane