Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting Excited

This time in 2 weeks we'll be at Home Ed camp.

While its far from most peoples idea of a holiday (with activities planned pretty much from dawn to dusk) I cannot wait to get there.

  • I cannot wait to catch up with great people we met last year.
  • I cannot wait to see all my children dancing at a disco again (much better than the living room on Sundays)
  • I cannot wait to watch my children socialising with a great bunch of children from all walks of life, religious, scular and free from cliques, judgment and all the negatives that come with school.
  • I cannot wait to see teenagers including younger children in their games & activities. Again something you would never see at school.
  • I cannot wait to see my younger children who were too young for some activities last year blossom this year.
  • I cannot wait to see the lake again this time hopefully full of water.
  • I cannot wait to play a tennis tournament with with 8 year old who has mentioned it regularly since last year.
  • I cannot wait to see miss H socialising now that she has full mobility (of couse this means more work for Mum & Dad but that's part of the fun.
  • I cannot wait to do electronics with My eldest son who despite asking me at every opportunity has not been able to complete many activities this past year.
  • I cannot wait to swim with my children. Although I do each week, its always great to swim in a new pool.
  • I cannot wait to disconnect from the real world, my laptop and phone will stay at home this year as they did last year.
  • I cannot wait to jump on the bouncing pillow with all my children at once now that the youngest member is walking.

These are just some of the things I'm looking forward to seeing and doing with my family.

With this years camp yet to start we are already planning next years where I will tent it with the older boys. Last years was also very draining so I hope to spend quite a few evenings in the coming weeks walking and getting plenty of sleep so come 2 weeks time the energy levels will cope with 9 days of awesomeness.

Until Next time.......

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not the best start to the week

It all started when I went to leave for work last Friday morning.

As I hopped in my car it felt funny, I realised as I went to start it that the interior light was not on, then click....... nothing now power, dead battery. So I was forced to quickly don my gear and take my bike.

Friday night I searched everywhere for my battery charger but no dice, I vaguely remember lending it to someone, or throwing it out, hell I don't know.

I went out Saturday afternoon to find jumper leads and ended up getting the car going Saturday evening. Upon it firing up I noted that the headlights, fan, demister, indicator and hazards were all turned on. I suspect one of the little'ns played in it last Thursday as I took a company car to work.

Once started I took Mr C and Miss L for a drive up the mountain to let it charge back up, got home turned it off, started up fine. Off, on, off, on a few times all good.

Sunday I went to go get some groceries and again it was very flat so I again jump started it and left it sitting running for an hour or so. Turned it off, then on again then off then on all good (again)

Monday morning after a terrible nights sleep and about a dozen sneezes when I woke up that worked wonders for my healing ribs I went to leave for work and

At this point I had 2 options.....
1) get out, unlock the house, go inside, get the bus keys, start and move the bus to where my car was, jump it, move the bus back, put the keys back, lock the house up leave for work.
2) Roll start the car down my driveway

Its also worth mentioning that my drive is steep and goes down under the house to a small garage and also to a gate that access the equally steep back yard.

Of course I went with the roll start option, of course the car didn't start til it was at the bottom of the hill and.............. of course I couldn't get back up.

I turned the car around in the back yard and tried to get it back up the drive but the combination of wet tyres and front wheel drive worked against me made it impossible. After a few attempts the car was bogged and there was nothing I could do.. I jumped in the bus and left for work.

This then presented a new problem. Most auto parts stores here in whoop whoop are open 9 to 5 which makes it impossible for me to get to one as i'm at work. I contemplated paying top $$$ for a low quality crap battery that wouldn't suit my car from one of the local service stations but in my hour of need & stress (wondering how I would get a battery, let alone get the car started let alone get it back up the drive way) Mamma bare came to my aid.

She posted a query on our local community network and received a few responses that recommended a battery place that was hidden behind the shops in the main street. After a phone call she had securely the correct battery for my car, at a great price.

Again this presented another issue. In my haste to get to work I not only took the bus, but both sets of house keys and both our stroller and jogger prams. At this point I would have quit instead she made a quick call to one of our local friends who had her daughter run their spare pram down to us (Thank you sooooo much J) then set off on about a 4km round trip pushing the 3 year old, carrying the 1 year old on her back and keeping tabs on the 4, 6, 8 and 10 year olds as she went.

When I arrived home, she not only had the new battery ready for me to fit but had overseen our 10 year old in making a delicious spag bowl for dinner. I fitted the new battery and when I still couldn't get the car up the steep and slippery drive she towed me up with the bus.

You wouldn't see me walking with all 6 children on my own over that distance (the home trek is all up hill) that's for sure. I'm proud to say that after so many years together I was truly amazed by her determination to sort out the issue. I was also happily reminded why she is the the woman I love. So thank you.... .again so much for saving my ass.... again :)

So now my car has to be locked when its parked at home and a lesson I always try and teach the children served as a timely reminder for me.

Cutting corners results in more work sooner or later.

The descent

Until Next time.......