Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A wonderful drive in the country

Sunday came around with blue skies and sunshine so I dragged the other members of the fam out of their slumber and broke the news that we would be going on a road trip.

The mission was simple: assess the road to Woods Point, a mining settlement in the vic alpine area with a population of just 94 (2006 census) for possible future bike ride

I neglected to do some in depth checks of the info surrounding the roads to and from this town. I knew that fuel would be a stretch but didn’t take note that the town was only accessible by dirt road.

Unfortunately to get to the dirt road was 45km of sweeping corners which saw my eldest son B and youngest son C complaining they felt sick early on in the journey.

By the time we reached gravel we had our second vomit to clean up, unfortunately this was the first of several, we are still unsure if this was ordinary car sickness or the fact that both boys had tuna sandwiches for breakfast, perhaps it was a combination of both as we all know Tuna is the 3rd most disgusting substance known to man after tofu and death metal music

After what seemed like hours we finally pulled in at the first real sign of settlement and paved roads. Mansfield, the gateway to the ski country. At this stage we were 5 hours into our journey and had only travelled 195km.

We fuelled up with plenty of greese and sugar and back tracked the highway route home, we arrived in at 7pm with aprox 375km on the trip meter and the best part of 8 hours of our lives that we would never get back.

It was still fun, we saw plenty of interesting scenery (I am so kayaking the Goulburn river one day) here are some of the shots

One of many "Dady stop the car i'm going to Bommet" stops
Crossing the great dividing range in Le Boos
One of only a few buildings in woods point
Goulburn river (unseen below the grass line is a family member going to the loo "Bush Style")

It was sooooo good to drive on tarmac

Mansfield visitors centre

5-6 hours in and still all smiles

View of the yarra glen

Its hard to see here but the arrow is actually pointing to a Deer that we came across on the route home.

A shot from the road of the mountain range we live on
Surprisingly still smiles

Its great to get in the car (or our case Le Boos) and just explore
Until next Time..........

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