Thursday, August 19, 2010

Short Vent

Over the past few months as I have made the daily trip to the RCH with C and I have been forced each time to enter the hospital via a 2 stage set of pedestrian lights out front. I’ll be honest one set is painfully slow. You have to wait for at least double the time of the other set. What amazes me though is the amount of people who J-Walk WITH THEIR CHILDREN. I’ll be the first to admit I have J-Walked in my time, but never with my children beside me.

Witnessing parents committing this act has also made me look out for it more. Its not just parents and older children, its toddlers and even once I saw a man and woman jog across as cars approaching carrying what appeared to be a rather fresh baby. I then had to pick my jaw up off my lap 2 weeks back when I watched a mother and her 2 young boys cross all 6 lanes of the highway I commute on. They ducked and weaved between cars waiting at the red light then ran across the next 3 lanes in front of on coming traffic, the 2 boys ran at their own pace as the mother tried to keep up.

The thing I don’t get is if you asked someone to carry their 50” plasma screen or their Mac book pro and J-walk across the road they wouldn’t do it. Why do people do it with their children? Surely people value their children higher than material possessions. I’ve always been a hoon in the car or on the bike but with my children in the car I’m a transformed man, I have my life’s work sitting in the back seat, my most valuable things that mean more to me than anything materialistic. Yet you see people driving & speeding, smoking, tailgating cutting lanes etc etc all with Children in the back seat o the car.

Anyhoo that’s more of a vent than anything else. Until next time I’ll be pointing J-Walking parents out to my children saying “What are they doing wrong?”

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Hiatus

Blog posts have been few and far between of late, I apologise for this, and there are a number of reasons some good some not so.

1) We’ve been busy enjoying life, when you had to put up with a mud hole for a back yard for months having grass and trees to climb now – who would honestly turn on the computer while the sun is up. We hit up the snow twice last week alone.

2) Moving house – Man its been the hardest move with out a doubt, (and we have moved at least a dozen times) and bare in mind we have previously done interstate moves. I think doing 99% of the work myself and also not hiring a truck was the killer. I was trying to avoid spending the extra $$$ but in hindsight the extra effort required to move stuff in our bus was not worth the dollar savings. A big thanks to our Doula & Husband for a lend of their trailer and the super kind donation of some wood to get us started. A mention also must go to my awesome father in law for coming out in the rain on a Saturday night to help me move our fridge that was 20cm too tall to fit in the bus.

3) C’s Tissue Expansion – While working from home one day a week has been great the trips to the hospital have been a drain, mentally and physically. I think on its own the trips would be barely noticeable but combined with a move and the hustle and bustle of life with 6 children I’m feeling it now.

4) My Bike - I’ve been a busy boy on the Ducati modifications front as can bee seen in the extra attention my Bike Blog has received lately. Special mentions must go to Mumma bare there as she is always patient (albeit with gritted teeth) with me and my toys and the inevitable bills that come with them. I have to say though when all is said and done with all the crap of moving house its been good to spend some time in the garage tinkering.

5) Ill health - We were all (and by all I mean all 8 of us at the same time all) struck with some sort of bug that left us with high fevers & aches and pains. We had to cancel a visit from the grandparents for miss L’s birthday because we were literally all crashed. Saturday just passed was a first for us, to have silence while all 8 of us were sprawled over our couch and bean bags watching movies, was quite surreal. I’ve dropped a belt size in under a week from lack of eating.

6) Busy Job – I try not to discuss my job on here, without going into details it involves other peoples money and financial systems and technical I.T. stuff so when I’m busy I’m BUSY and while the work is not physically draining it certainly is mentally. Combine this with the fact that I have on average had at least 1 migraine a week sometimes more for a few months now. I’m putting it down to the stresses mentioned above plus where I buy my lunch seems to put onion in every friggin dish on the menu. In the coming weeks when things quieten down if I don’t start improving I’ll be seeing a specialist for my headaches as I cant keep popping tablets and struggling to drive home as it’s a recipe for disaster

I don’t want this post to come off as a whinge. Its been hard to go through the dramas of the last few months with extra stresses piled on top of one another


I know that when we decided on having a big family we knew being able to rely on each other was paramount and as usual Mamma bare has been a rock. I know she has had equally shitty days when I’ve come in, medicated, then crashed for a few hours to sleep off a migraine leaving her to kid wrangle. I hope I have returned the favour as best I could by making sure she didn’t have to do any of the cleaning of the old place, or much of the packing and carrying stuff.

I don’t get parents who mope and complain and complain until they get their issues solved by others. We try not to rely on anyone where possible, its part of being a team.

In other news a shout out to Mrs G the only other person to offer assistance (be that he hubbies) with our move. She is now on maternity leave (and reads this blog). She has waited a long time for this baby and will make a great Mum. I got to say “I told you so” about charting billings style and since then I’ve enjoyed fielding her questions for the past few months on everything from the ills of baby bjorns & medical intervention to elaborating on what a "stretch and sweep" is. Looking forward to seeing you and Mr G take the next step into parenthood & thinking of you guys in the coming weeks.

I only have a few Pics

L and I on her birthday

P, H & I crook as shit

Things are starting to settle down now so I hope to put together some interesting posts over the next few weeks the next of which involving crossing roads with plasma tvs

Until Next Time.......

Friday, August 6, 2010


Ahhhhh tech

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Monday, August 2, 2010

White Stuff

Mr C had his tissue expander removed on thursday, he is still sore but just as cheeky as ever.

Feeling a bit too raw to share pics of the days in hospy so in lieu of those here are a few shots from our trip to the snow today. The best part was all this is 15 minutes from our house!!!!

Go prepared
C sees snow for the first time
L posing

P slightly chilly

C hiting the slopes on our kawasaki green toboggan

T getting into it

B doing the same

Snow fight

I was ambushed

C having a cold snack

Mumma Bare baby wearing in fresh powder
Miss P got a little wet and very cold fingers and decided to call it a day. "I'm really crying, i'm really crying" she kept saying.

posing some more

Brothers helping there little brother out with a lift home

Me and mine

B climbing

C got a lift back down
Self shot
Le Boos - It takes us everywhere

Until next time.............