Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whats in a haircut?

Today I decided to take a sneaky break and get a hairy, I was well overdue. My last one was about 3-4 months back I went to our local hairdresser it cost me 12 smackers.

When I used to work on St Kilda road I had a great hairdresser that charged $28. That included wash, dry, choice of beer or wine and aftershave. When we moved to brissy I was forced to find an alternative to get a mop chop and opted for the first decent looking place I saw. They had awards all over the shop and insisted I strip down shirtless and don' a bathrobe where I then ate lemon sorbet before getting one of the worst hairys I've ever had. The price tag of $55 seemed very steep but I just wanted my shirt back so I paid it, walked to the nearest shaver shop, bought some clippers and did a zero all over. That was an expensive hair day.

For the next few years I shaved my own head, sometimes with the clippers sometimes with a razor. It always guaranteed me a seat on the train.

Today I walked into the nearest decent looking hairdressers near work and before beginning was offered a beverage and explained that a cut & blow dry was $62 dollars. I should add that this salon had awards that looked like oscars on their front desk, this should have been a warning to me but alas I needed the chop.

After the initial shock I decided to see what $62 dollars bought be in the hairdressers world.
  • I had my choice of beverage (non-alcoholic as it was before lunch)
  • I was presented with a gown that didn't really fit over my jacket
  • I had my hair washed and a scalp massage while sitting in a massage chair (very comfy)
  • In the chair beside me was a model getting hair extensions for a photo shoot, she had 2 different hairdressers and they talked way to much about fashion
  • On the big screen there was continuous catwalk footage of some fashion show comprising mostly male models (though some were wearing dresses)
  • After very meticulously measuring out the dimensions of my head she bcane to do her thing using scissors and only used a trimmer to do around my ears
  • She wasn't overly chatty, I don't think this was a personality thing I believe she was very much in total concentration of cutting my locks.
After most of the cutting was done I moved back to the basin for another wash and longer and more vigorous scalp massage. I was then returned to my chair where I received a blow dry and had some product applied that smelt nice.

I then had my shoulders dusted and paid for the 30 minutes of hair cutting elitism I had now come to know.


Was it a good haircut?
Who knows............the difference between a good one and a bad one is usually a few weeks, but I will say I'm not going home and shaving it off with my clippers.

Did I fell I got value for money?
While it was nice getting massage and pampered I couldn't help feel like a bull in a china shop so I wasn't really truly relaxed so I'm going to say no $62 for 30 minutes of upper class hair cutting.

Would I go there again?
Probably not, I prefer my local hairy that's open Saturdays & charges 12 bucks

The most rewarding part was when I walked out the door, and took my new, improved, buffed, polished, professionally styled locks and put on my motorcycle helmet.

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  1. I really think you ought to have posted a pic with this, I really want to see what a $62 haircut looks like!!
    I have never spent that much on my hair, lmao, and I used to have mine coloured regularly... I had mine cut properly a while ago and I was EEEK at the $35 price tag!!