Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whats in a Name

This post will be somewhat cryptic for those who do not know me because I only divulge my name in my posts. As you know I call the children by their initials and MB by one of her many nicknames (I prefer "Chesty La Rue" or "Busty StClair" but she hates them.) So needless to say I thought i'd put some thoughts down on names chosen and the struggles faced with naming bundle #7.

Mr B was a last minute change, we had always had our hearts set on "Riley" but changed our minds when we saw him for the first time.

Mr T's name stood for the third which had significant meaning because MB's pregnancy with T had immediately followed a miscarriage.

Miss L was a result of us both writing down our top 5 names and picking out the one we both liked the most.

Mr C was wholly and solely my choice. We didn't have a name for a boy or girl through MB's pregnancy and for me personally it was the name I had felt a strong connection to for quite sometime. I shared it with MB earlier in the pregnancy and she brushed it off.

Miss P was also a result of the lists we summed up for miss L.

With Miss H I was vetoed on all female names because MB had her heart set on H and although I was pretty against it based on its length and complexity I did warm to it in an abbreviated form hence why I never call miss H by her full name.

With Baby number seven its almost like when MB was pregnant with Mr C, we don't have any standouts. Given MB picked the name for the last bubs I'm very keen to have my say for this one. The issue for us is that we like names that are less common but not necessarily different or dare I say it weird. Another caveat (not mine) is that the names shouldn't hold any significant religious meaning or share any initials with any other child. It is also necessary that the second name is that of a grand or great-grandparent. So.....


Names starting with B,T,L,C,P or H are out & although I liked the idea of "danger" for a middle name that seems to be popular now and isn't shared with any grand parents so its out also.

We were liking a particular boys name starting with J and it pairs nicely with MB's Grandfather as a second name but in recent years and over the past 2 births of girls i've slightly gone off on it (though only a little).

I've also starting liking an older name (boy) starting with W but cant really pair it with a second name yet. In terms of girls names I really don't have any potentials so girls names have been the subject of my web searches of late.

Although you wont get to read what the final name choice is on these here pages please know its under intense scrutiny.

That is all bugger off.


  1. heeeheeee I love/hate picking baby names!

    yk, you don't have an A yet and April is a different but not weird name and not all that common.
    go on, you know you want to! ;p

    Jamie is a nice name too... hehe

  2. Another caveat that I didn't mention as its usually common with most peeps is that we also don't use names of anyone we know personally (good or bad) but you guys can sleep easy knowing you fall under "good"

  3. lol so many rules and so many letters already used, naming number 7 is no easy feat! I always enjoy finding out what you're babies are named, it's always a victory when a child isn't named: Isabella or Jack ;)