Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Superheros, their superpowers & their weaknesses

MB and I enjoyed some 1-1 time on Saturday, we had originally planned to spend the night in the city with miss H but instead opted to drop off all the children at MB's parents and go to the movies, then pick up miss H, head out for dinner and so on....

After dropping off the children we headed to the closest cinemas which were attached to a medium sized shopping centre, we had 30 minutes to kill so we just browsed. I was able to show her the laptops I'm thinking of getting and also the latest offerings in terms of big screen tvs (something I cant see us getting til the new house is built). These days we rarely go major shopping centres together. I do my non-grocery shopping in the city and MB does hers out in the country so being in a busy & crowded place together felt quite foreign. We headed up to the cinemas and saw the movie "Bridesmaids" which despite being fairly predictable and thin on the ground in terms of storyline was actually a riot, we both had tears in our eyes at some points during the film, the highlight was actually from one of the co-star. after the movie had finished it was starting to get dark so we headed to the grand parents, picked up miss H and made a quiet escape for a pub meal in Warrandyte. I have to say anything i've ever done been to or seen in Warrandyte has always been overrated, the pub was no different, we both agreed that our local was still our favorite place to eat and wished we had been there. We headed home, snuggled up on the couched and and pretty much hit the wall.

We both slept like logs and although I woke at 8 (MB closer to midday) I was really tired all day Sunday. I think having such a large family commands a certain level of energy and when you no longer need to operate at that level you crash, I certainly did. We headed out for some sight seeing and visited my grandparents before having dinner back at MBs parents before the home journey.

All in all I felt it quite a musing that we rarely get time off from parenting and when we did we were satisfied to stay home and do the things we would normally do. I think that in itself is proof of our contentment with where we live and what we like to do.

It seems my super powers come from my children, take them away and I'm weak.

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