Monday, June 13, 2011

Update (Belated)

(Typed the Other Day - Posting now)

Its now Wednesday 11:36am. A week plus almost a day since I had the snip here is a bit of an update.

Again I apologise for a little TMI but hey, I'm pretty open and you decided to read this.

I think spending last Tue-Fri in bed only prolonged the inevitable. Saturday was my first semi-active day since the op with the children's swimming and basketball games taking up the majority of the day. By Saturday night I could hardly move and was forced to spend the evening on the chase with a bag of frozen corn down my pants. After looking at copious amounts of images of vasectomy recovery I noticed that the majority of incisions on the front of the scrotum caused bruising where as incisions on the side caused swelling. By far the right was the more painful and considerably larger in size. The left was more bruised and didn't cause much discomfort at all.

Sunday I tried to take it easy but in a house with so many people there is always something that needs picking up or a load of washing etc so again by afternoon I was kicking back with frozen vegetables getting to know me in the pants.

Monday I got up with my alarm for work and although the train ride was fine getting in and out of le boos as well as a fair amount of walking and assisting some people with desk moves had me feeling really uncomfortable by late afternoon. I hit the couch the moment I walked in the door and remained there with frozen peas tucked in for the whole evening.

I awoke Tuesday morning after a terrible night of uncomfortableness combined with an unwell wife, 1 & 3 year old all Sharing my bed. I called my boss and worked from home again keeping the meat and veg on ice as often as possible. I spent the majority of the evening on the chase again.

This morning I felt much better, I was awake at 5 so I could give the ol' rightey a chill with peas before I got up. MB and the children gave me a lift to the station, the train ride in and walk to the office were much better than yesterday.

Its interesting the discussions one has with others when they know you have recently been vasectomised. For the most part I have been surprised by the number of guys I work with saying "Yeah I got done XX years ago". Also the reactions to me getting done by others are of shock and disbelief, not sure if this stems from their own issues with commitment or not knowing they're done. I for one knew I was done the moment MB held the pregnancy test stick in front of me.

I Hoping I've turned the corner and things get more tolerable from here on

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