Thursday, June 16, 2011

Snip Update (Well sort of)

I'm please to report everything is functioning as it was before I was vasectomised.

The plan was to take the new and improved neutered steve for a spin on Saturday night alas the stars were not aligned....... Here is why.

Saturday evening MB and I were kicking back with a movie in the lounge, the older boys were down stairs and the younger children were drawing in the kitchen.

Mr B came running in clutching his hand saying "Its not T's fault it was an accident" repeatedly with Mr T following just as quickly and equally upset. I told him to quickly put his bleeding hand over the sink while I got up and came out into the light for further inspection. It was pretty clear that he was more frightened for his brother getting in trouble than he was about the condition of his hand. After a minute or so running it under water we managed to get it out of them that T ran out of the bedroom after a Lego dispute slamming the door as he went, B who was following and as T slammed the door it collect B's Lego filled hand in the door. After they both calmed down I was able to take a proper look & could see that the webbing of his left hand between his ring and little finger was nicely opened up bleeding steadily. Clearly in need of at least a stitch or two.

I hastily swapped my long johns for jeans, dressed his hand to stop the bleeding and jumped in my car for a trip to the local E.R. Unfortunaltely the "Local" E.R. is about 45 km away.

We arrived at the hospital and I was pleased to see an empty waiting room so we saw the triage nurse immediately. When the nurse removed my dressing it began bleeding perfusely once more on the floor so they quickly re-dressed it and walked us both through to the Paeds section where he said it would need stitches.
I'd guess we waited for at least 90 minutes while they did B's obs and took down all the necessary details He read the Chronicles of Narnia while I watched "The Castle" on TV. After a visit or two from the on duty doc we switched to a treatment room where they explained to B that they would need to give him a local anaesthetic and stitch his hand, they gave him the option of having some gas with the local which I urged him to take up. I could see he was nervous, more so about the gas so I explained to him about how I had sang while having my broken wrists manipulated many years earlier. Reassured by my story and after 20 or so minutes they doc and a nurse came back in, set him up with some laughing gas and began to wash the wound. He smiled and giggled while they did this so I knew the injection wouldn't be an issue. 3 stitches, some glue and a new dressing later & he was good to go. They gave us the option of coming back to have the stitches removed but I explained I used to be a nurse and they were happy fro me to do this in 10 days. They also let him keep the tubes used for the gas to show his siblings.

We headed home via McDonalds for a well earned chocolate sundae. It was about 2am by the time we got home and I was well and truly spent, B stayed up watching Harry potter.

Which leads me to the reason for this posting, trying out my new modified package.

A gentleman never tells but I will say that I was able to give it a good test drive....Twice actually ;)

Until Next Time.......

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  1. Poor B! MB told me about what happened but didn't describe it quite as detailed as you, ugh I shuddered reading it. Sounds very ouchy.

    And yay for functioning packages, LMAO