Friday, June 3, 2011

Missing Family & Thanking Friends

The quiet was nice for the first few hours here at MB's parents but now I can safely say I'm ready for home. I really miss the chaos of my children and the company of my best friend.

MB and I chatted for hours last night on IM, we even hooked up video and I was able to say hello to Mr C and give him a sneak peak at some pressies I bought the children. Its funny saying it so much but we are really missing each other. I guess its amplified because MB has been so ill with the pregnancy over the past months so I have been making extra sure that there is little for her to do in the way of washing, cleaning & cooking. While MB is more capable than I at managing 6 doing it solo for most of the week while feeling ill and having no energy makes me worry more. She isn't the sort of person to complain or expect people to help as historically we have always "gone it alone". I knew MB was really low last weekend when she started suggesting Queensland and moves and stuff, something that was once our dream but had to be put permanently on hold. I think 20 years in the one house has made her a bit of a nomad.

I'm so grateful for our Friend, Neighbor & Doula Julie who offered to take our girls (Miss L overnight). She also cooked a meal for MB and delivered it. Julie has had a had time herself of late her a new bubba and to see her make this gesture was truely heart warming. Things like this show you what true kindness is. I've seen MB help out her lots of friends over the years so its good to see some karma in action. I do find it interesting that friends that have been helped out the most by MB have remained somewhat detached. I guess its not the done thing to ask a superhero like MB if they need a hand.

On a lighter note Julies offer to have miss L up for a sleepover then Miss P as well in the afternoon for a play date was an excellent opportunity for miss L to spend time with Julie's daughters. Its my one gripe about homeschooling that Miss L isn't as outgoing with other children and tends to shy away from new people (despite clearing wanting to be included) I cant wait to hear her version of how her sleepover went.

Still on the family front (albeit extended) I have really enjoyed the 1-1 time with my inlaws. I rarely see them without the whole fam in tow so we've been able to have some great chats about life, parenting, the children, cars, motorbikes and all sorts. I brought them a new DVD player to say thanks for having me. Theirs was old, didn't eject dvds properly and wasn't multi format. Now they can play all formats (including TV shows I have downloaded) and with a USB port they can also look at their photos on the big screen tv. Its one technological step closer to computer ownership. A concept they are slowly warming to after years of my subtle hints. With us living a fair way away and MB's brother and family even further away its my mission to get them setup with a PC and internet in the coming months so we can all communicate freely. They have helped us out on countless occasions over the last 17 years and now I'm really focused on returning some of my immense gratitude.

I also find it amazing saying this.... I wish I could have been working in the office today. I have an important meeting, one that pivotal in the work I've been doing since I started and how our work will pan out in the future. Its been an ongoing cause of stress and considerable heartache for my manager as there is a particularly prickly person involved that makes a point to be snide and insulting wherever possible. I really wanted to be there to back her (My Manager) up, I'm dialing in but on the phone isn't the same as being there.

MB will be arriving with the clan sometime this afternoon so I'm really looking forward to lots of hugs and kisses and to give the children some gifts.

Until Next Time......

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