Monday, February 21, 2011

More Music Goodness

Been a while.......

Some 2011 releases I'm hanging for are the next installment front the wombats. I'm diggin the first 2 singles released from their up and coming "this modern glitch" We're big Wombats fans in our fam, its awesome hearing your 10 year old sing a song word for word (Including liverpudlian accent)
Tokyo Vampires & Wolves

Jump into the fog

also the latest album from the strokes "angles"
I'm a big Julian Casablancas fan and the first single "Under Cover Of Darkness" is bitchin (Sorry no video just audio)

Lastly I have to pay homage to some Aussie hiphop in the form of the latest single from Draphts up and coming "The Life of Riley" Rapunzle has a really sweet psychedlic backing to it.

I've previously posted about Drafts collaboration with M-Phazes on his 2010 album "Good Gracious" the best aussie hip hop album of 2010 see here

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