Sunday, February 27, 2011


In a family of 8 there is no shortage on birthdays to celebrate. The youngest two women in our house had theirs recently. 1 & 3

Miss H - I can't believe its been a year already!

Miss P - How are you three?

By far the most treasured member of our family you are not short on love or attention

You're always the fastest to pull a tongue out for the camera

You have more personality and character than many adults I know

Your smile reminds me of you're beautiful mother
You're always the first to feel the cold
What? again with the tongue sheesh

You're face is the most animated of all my children, happy, sad, angry, cheeky. For this shot I simple said "show me angry"
First Boat ride
Smiles in the wind

First foods

Both eaten and worn
Content in dads chair
Down by the river in a comfy lap

Your eldest brother has the most special of bonds, he is your guardian, your 3rd parent.

More scripted faces

An apprentice water baby

1 is an age where children are most exploratory. You've been blesses with an audience larger than most have present for your first steps & beginnings of spoken sentences

3 is an age where you want the world yesterday and you are shaping up to be a firecracker. I'm truely enjoying this time as you're personality is by far the most entertaining.

I treasure the fact that we photograph everything and through these posts as I pick some of my many favorite images of you both I am reminded just how quickly my wonderful children grow and develop.

Happy Birthday my little ones

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