Friday, February 18, 2011

Are We Nomads???

Its taken a while for our little family to find a place that felt right 10 moves in 10 years to be exact. We've lived in Houses, Units, Townhouses, hi-rise apartments and more. They've been in quiet courts, busy streets, CBD, contry you name it we've tried that shoe on at some point.
I joked with MB that its almost like we have commitment issues, not with each other but with where we choose to reside.

In recent years we've accepted that we need to live in country, I need the hills & bush & Mamma Bare likes the ocean but unfortunately finding both let alone being within commute distance to Melbourne CBD (for my work) doesn't exist within our means.

Sometimes this is hard with the location we've chosen. We dont know that many people, we're new to the area, our house is still a ways away from being started and after outings to meet friends like we did on the weekend makes it hard to visualise our dreams.

Sometimes I wish we had of tried a more nomadic lifestyle after we sold our house. We could have bought a bigger bus, made ourselves debt free and taken off for 6 months, a year, two whatever it took. I wish we'd had more courage to take a leap like that instead of opting for wanting the security of our own property. Perhaps now i'd be sitting by a river or on a beach with a beard and long hair instead of being cooped up in my study shaking off a 90 minute commute.

We have 2 placentas in our freezer awaiting burial yet we have had our land for over a year and not buried them.

I hate questioning a decision. Success and failure are clear cut, you make a decision, it was wrong/right deal with it & move on. But wondering is worse, we have ties to where we used to live, but not liking living there is easily forgotten, missing friends and family isn't.

Another goal for 2011/2012 is to not only start & finish our house (obviously). But to more importantly be more mindful of the reasons for why we left our old neighborhood. And channel those emotions for wanting to leave into building our new life "in the hills".

Glad I got that off my chest. You can follow our dream house musings here (I promise updates will be more frequent now)

Until next time.....

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