Monday, February 14, 2011

16 Years of Valentines

Valentines day is one of those occasions where I'm torn between the importance of expressing my feelings for my soul mate and doing my best to avoid conforming to an over commercialised "hallmark holiday"

In our early years I made a big fuss about valentines day with flowers and gifts coupled with stuffed toys and going the whole nine yards for every feb fourteen. One can amass quite a few gifts in 16 years together. 16 anniversaries, 16 birthdays, 16 Gifts-mases, 10 wedding anniversaries etc. It all adds up and leaves you in a position where there aren't a lot of gifts you haven't already given your partner.

Theres been jewellery, watches, sunglasses, clothes, you name it I've already bought it. Of course there are some especially memorable ones. I was so happy to get Mamma Bare a new laptop for her birthday in 09. It was just hers, not to be shared or co-used with me or the children. I also treasure my leatherman that she gave me on behalf of our first child on my first fathers day.

Unfortunately i've dropped the ball a few times over the years. In hindsight a filing cabinet wasn't the most romantic wedding anniversary present but hey you live and learn.

Hands down my favorite present that I've ever given MB is this simple pendant:

Its a pregnant woman, hand carved out of an unknown substance (Any Ideas??). It was about $12 at an oxfam store and in my opinion sums up the person I adore. My best friend who has become and awe inspiring mother who personifies the essence of woman in my eyes.

There are earrings I gave her for birthday or Christmas years ago that I cant recall ever being worn (something about having a matching dress) but the pregnant woman pendant is worn most days and for me that is so rewarding.

The best present is rarely what someone wants and never what someone needs. Its something that surprises them, a symbol that shows them who they are what they mean to you.

Mamma Bare is so much more than just a strong woman & mother of our children and far more than a simple pendant can illustrate. She is my everything & although I could never say it as often as I think it and I wont be able to find as awesome a gift as that pendant every time.

I hope I can continue to be her eternal valentine and make her as happy as she does me.


  1. Nawww, youse are so cute! (said in an admiring way, not in a condescending way)

    I asked the JMan if we were doing anything for valentines day and he said something like 'but I love you 365 days of the year, not just today', it doesn't sound anywhere near as nice now when I type it out but at the time I thought it was quite noice LOL.

    I've always had difficulty getting into it because it's also my mum's birthday and her wedding anniversary.

  2. What a beautiful post:) Love the love that you mob share, and how much you love your woman:)