Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slip Slidin Away

As I mentioned in my last post we had the "Not Back To School Day" coming up at a water park. We decided (learning from last year) that a 9:30am meeting time meant departure from our house at least 4 hours prior to this. This year we decided to spend the night in a holiday park nearby. I was amazed at our accommodation, we drove down Sunday afternoon and arrived after several detours due to widespread flooding to find a 3 bedroom unit that slept 8 all for $130 (Bargain).

After unpacking the bus MB and the children went and checked out the local parks in a reserve that wasn't flooded while I whipped up some spag for the fam. Another treat was eating outside (a treat for the children and less mess to clean up for mum and dad) this is something we will do more often for sure.

Another treat was having a television, while we have a TV at home we don't have the aerial connected and only watch downloaded movies and some TV shows. So needless to say there were some surprises. I cant believe how many adds there are, and when did Aussie TV get so boring.

After a relatively early night we all rose around 7:30 (when I say rose I mean I had to drag every child out of bed) for breakfast then we headed off for the waterslide park. More floods meant more detours but we arrived on time and checked in. An addition to last year was waterproof wrist bands so home-ed kids and parents alike could identify one another. This was an awesome idea as it meant the children all jelled quite quickly as did the parents.

I was pretty happy with our setup of one wheeled suitcase & a backpack meaning we were able to get in, set up strip the kids of their outer clothing and sunscreen up in a nice shady spot overlooking one of the playgrounds.

There was one incident though. I agreed to race the boys down the highest slide so I gave them a head start before taking an almighty kick off but as soon as I was on my way knew I was going too fast. I hit the first bump and got some air then hit the second taking off about 3 feet off the slide. I came down with a crunch. I hit the bottom and lay there winded gasping for air, the life guard came over and after asking if I was ok commended me on the "air" i got. I put on a brave face and hobbled over to our deck chairs and chilled for the rest of the day with a fair amount of pain on my left side ribs.

Cracked ribs aside we had a ball. I was so proud of the children for how well they behaved and interacted with new friends not to mention the bravery of C & L heading straight for some of the higher and more daunting slides. Miss P was content to play in the water playground as was miss H where Mamma Bare could watch them so I was able to ride some of the bigger stuff with the older children.

Here are some of the highlights

Its important to wear sunscreen (she'll kill me for posting this)

The slide I hurt myself on

Until next time.....

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