Monday, February 28, 2011

Proud Moments as a Father

I've tried on numerous occasions to list every little thing that makes me proud of my children. The average day for me is so chaotic meaning this always proves difficult. Instead I have just decided to take one example from each child over the past week and note what has put a smile on my face. Here they are in no particular order.

SwimmingOn Saturday - My eldest B 10 has just completed a 1-1 squad training session with his teacher, he knows I used to swim competitively and loves me watching him. On completion of his lesson he walked over to me puffed out but far from gasping for air - I asked "Did you have fun" to which he lit up and blurted out "YES!!!" Proud Moment

Still @ Swimming and Mr C 4 was in a group lesson on safety, picture 15 little wee ones lined up on the side of the pool listening attentively to the talk on safety, he breaks eye contact with the teacher to look at me for a split second to give me a wink, then straight back to paying attention. Proud Moment

Miss L 6 was clearing her plate after dinner on Saturday night and after putting it in the dishwasher hugged my leg and said "Daddy you home made pizzas are my favorite" Proud Moment

Miss H 1 has started walking in the past week or so and the time its taken her to switch from walking to breaking into a dance whenever she hears music. Smiling ear to ear the whole time. Proud Moment

Miss P 3 When seeing that I intended start the bus (to move it closer to my car for a jump) came round out the front door to hug me like it was our last good bye, she griped my leg so tight I had to lift her and pop her in the front seat. The look of sheer excitement on her face as we moved the bus 5 feet closer to my car was priceless. Proud Moment

Mr T 8 Has been doing basketball skills for a few terms now. he reminds me of my younger brother, very tall for his age and not the most coordinated. I missed one week of basketball and to see his improvement in just one week was amazing. Getting free throws in, dribbling everything is starting to click for him. After he finished training and came over to me for his drink bottle - I asked "Are you liking basketball" to which his tomato red face covered in perspiration lit up and exclaimed "YES!!!" Proud Moment

These are just 6 moments from 1 day. That equates to over two thousand proud moments I get per year.
That makes me feel very wealthy.

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