Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Acer Tablet - 1 month on

Its been at least a month now since I bit the bullet on my Android tablet - the acer iconia tab. I thought I'd post a bit of a review to share my thoughts.

The design is slightly more bulky than the ipad2 and with the case i'm currently using I'd place it somewhere near the original ipad in terms of thickness and weight. This doesn't detract from its use at all, as a rule I only use it sitting down and find it a pleasure in either the landscape or portrait position. I wouldn't risk standing with one handed operation on a moving train though (as some ipad users do). I have large hands and prefer a little heft which translates to a firmer grip. The screen is more than bright enough, I would guess the majority of my use with screen set to auto brightness keeps it in the lowest 1/4 of the scroll bar meaning at its dimmest it's plenty bright. The touch accurateness is also excellent, at certain angles in the sunlight you can see the sensors of the touch screen but this is rare and only prior to turning on. Sound is as good as you'd hope for from such little speakers,but I can happily watch youtube vids or hear my mail chime.

For the moment 32gb onboard has been ample, I used a 32gb micro sd from my phone for the first few weeks bringing total storage up to 64gb but prefer my phone for music/radio use so I switched it back. I'll get another microsd 32gb is around $70 at the moment so perhaps maybe in a month or two when larger ones will be more readily available for around the same money. I do want to keep a copy of all my images on the tablet so 100GB + will be a must.

Mobile & WIFI Use:
On my daily commute with Telstra sim i've found the reception to be excellent, no complaints at all. Likewise at home wireless use has been excellent, youtube streams well (when I don't have another PC running p2p)

Android Honeycomb:
This is by far one of the best interfaces i've used, I love the layout, how customisable everything is, active wallpapers, widgets etc etc. I especially liked that I was able to link my accounts and access all images uploaded to my various blogs from within the gallery. I wont go into the apps I use in details but I will say that I do have the following covered happily:
- Remote access and control of my home pc
- File management
- GPS navigation
- Ample Games
- eBook reading (text & PDF)
- IM/Video chat

I've on average charged the Acer every 2-3 days depending on use

By far the best addition for a tablet is the full USB port support.... well whatever but for me the keyboard option is awesome. Its so handy to be able to wack in a keyboard and bang out a few paragraphs. A perfect example was yesterday at work when my PC wouldn't connect to the network, I was able to run up my lotus notes via citrix on the tab plug in my keyboard and use it at almost PC speed. I have a blue tooth mouse at home somewhere that I must also try.

There is only one to be honest & that's not the tablet, its the cheap and crappy charger that came with it, not only did it need some assistance to work out of the box (pin was out of alignment) the cord is way to short. A cost cutting exercise that really reflects poorly on the whole, but hey as I'm only charging it once every few days its not much of a worry to me. I intend to get the dock/charger so I can have one in my bag at all times and easily dock to charge the device at home.

All in all I'd give it 9 out of 10 (detracting 1 point for such a poor quality power supply)

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