Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tissue expansion, nevus & the many changes faces of C

Seeing though C has finished his tissue expansion i'm re-tagging all my nevus related posts as..... well nevus as it will be ongoing. Whilst there wont be any more rounds of expansion there will be more surgeries. Nips and tucks as I call them, to fix up his eyebrow, his cheek etc etc.

We've been on the waiting list for the next op for over a year now. The waiting for his first op was excruciating but all ops since I've swayed more towards a "whatever,whenever" attitude. Its not like its something to look forward to, taking your child to hospital, having to sometimes restrain them as they go under and comfort them after they come out. I try not to think of it, just casually remind C with a stroke of his cheek that we will see the doc again to sort that out.I recently went back and looked through our old photos from when he was born, it blew me away just how much he has changed. His nevus has lightened considerably and I cant help but feel anxiety about the what ifs. What if we left it, his hairline would be more natural, he'd have both eyebrows but then I also look at him now and see the changes for the better. Maybe its in my mind but while he still never feels the cold he doesn't seem to overheat as much as he used to. I know the expansion wouldn't have created more sweat glands just spread them out over his scalp but I like to think its made a significant improvement. MB sees it more than I do..

Self Portrait

I joke with family and friends and say he is my favorite, I know i'm not supposed to say such things but he and I share a closeness that I don't have with my other children. I still feel guilt for the emotions I had when he was born. I think that my guilt combined with what we've been through together makes me show him extra favoritism and lenience when he misbehaves. He really has turned into quite a cheeky little boy, spoilt by his father for sure and you know what? I wouldn't change that ever.

Some of the shots give you an idea of where he is at and can show his scars, man it was tuff trying to find imnages

Showing the hypertrophic Scarring
We've decded that he is best with longer hair so when it gets some length this time around we will start taking him to the hair dresser (as opposed to me shaving his head) and get them to shape it to suit his scars and skewed hair line

Looking Back 5 years its quite a surprise to me the various color changes within the nevus I think it definitely got darker after birth then lightened up. Maybe its just me


DarkUntil Next Time....

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