Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thar She Blows!

Tomorrow hopefully marks the closing of party in my pants known as "Vasectomy 2011"

As I said on my last vasectomy related post I had to have 20 ejacs racked up before I could do a sperm test. I reached the 20 mark back in mid July so I'm guessing I'm probably at double the requirement now.

Keeping tabs on my count down (or up depending how you look at it) was easily managed with a yellow highlighter and my desktop calendar at work. What I did find funny was the amount of times things happened after midnight "Do I put that down as yesterday....or today?"

MB also got in on the gag often double checking that I had scored the previous nights activities.

The doc did say that most gents blow zero (I'm sorry for the RBT reference but it fits well here) after the 20, in some cases they do not and have to go away and be tested after another 20.

Man I hope its worked and I don't have to get sliced again.

Ahhh the 12th of June was a great day


  1. Fingers crossed that it's all good :)

    (and fingers crossed Jamie doesn't see your calendar, 'activities' envy would ensue I think..eek)

  2. Yeah sorry about that it was a quiet month

  3. LMAO I knew you were going to say that