Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pure Bronze (Plated)

When I was in pre-school I made a plate. Well... I didn't make the plate, I drew a design on a special piece of paper and it was sent away and transferred onto a plate. From memory the image was of me and had my name. I can't recall the specifics only that I it lasted over 1o years of daily use and dishwasher cleaning.

Earlier this year I discussed "The Plate" with MB and how I thought it would be a great craft project for each of the children & all things going well last a long time. (we tend to hammer our crockery)

I scoured the internet trying to find companies that did "The plate" I couldn't remember the brand only that the plates were made from Pyrex?? and the template was a large sheet of paper with a circle and all sorts of instructions. My internet searches unfortunately didn't yield any success (I guess i suck @ computers) MB however found something that matched my description. She showed the website & products to me and I knew instantly it was exactly what I was after.

An order was sent off and shortly after a large flat package arrived complete with ample sheets and an array of colored textas.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves....

As you can see some of the children (like myself) went freehand others Like C & P wanted specific pictures so with a little help from dad they had tracings of what they wanted. MB decided to go with some symbols of meaning to her. I went with a freehand picture of MB and I, a love heart representing each child.

I'll post more pics when the finished products arrive...

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