Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You're Excited? Feel These Nipples!

So today I ordered my new PC, the specs are probably what you would consider high end by desktop standards. In terms of gaming PC i'd place it in the mid range.

The Specs: i7 2600k cpu
8gb DDr3 ram
p67-B3 mobo
2X 1Tb 7200 Drives (I'll add another 4 myself)
HD 6950 GPU (Eyefinity Support)
DVD Burner (I'll add a bluray drive myself)
Wireless N PcI Card
700W PowerSupply
2 X 24" Acer Hd Led Screens (I'll add a third to the mix down the track)
Windows 7 Pro

Thermaltake Chaser Mk-1 Case

I'm confident that this machine will meet all my needs for at least 3 years and give me something to tinker with (aftermarket cooling, SSD etc) and serve as something that I can not only play games on but also work comfortably from home on. With the addition of another 4-8tb of space it should suffice as a means for storing all my personal photos & videos as well manage all my movies and TV shows.

I had to chuckle when went in and ordered it. My dell XPS took over 2 weeks from ordering to delivery which for me who is easily excitable and quickly impatient seemed like forever. This machine would have been ready tonight but I would have had no way to transport the boxes home so it'll have to be tomorrow.

I also think that a desktop setup compliments with using a tablet for general net surfing and email around the house meaning I don't always have to reside in my study (which will make MB happy). I've just successfully tested working remotely on my iconia via Citrix receiver and am satisfied it will handle "emergency situations" where I might need to connect to work which is an added bonus I didn't expect to be able to do. I've actually just published this post on my train ride home.

I love technology (and an understanding wife)

Until next time.........

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