Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homeschooling Wins Again

One of the lovely people from the communications team @ work were looking for some models to participate in a photoshoot for an add campaign leading up to fathers day.

The combination of having children available during the school term (school went back today I'd guess judging by the traffic) and having an assortment to choose from made them quite desirable. A few quick scans through some of my photo posts on this blog and bang! Miss P, Mr C & Mr T had themselves a modelling gig.

Its shooting tommorow so i'll take them into work with me. We'll head out around lunch to a secret location where I can watch on as they pose with their actor mum & dad (You'd never get me in anything like this thats for sure).

I wont go into too many of the details just that its very exciting to:
A) Bring some of my children to work with me
B) Take them on their first train ride
C) Hopefully see images of them make print somewhere someday

I hope I can grab a few snaps during the process.

Until Next Time.......

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