Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photo Fun (minus Photos)

As my last post mention 3 of our billy lids were roped into a bit of a photo shoot for a safety campaign for boating safety and life jackets leading up to fathers day. Here is a basica run down of the day.....

The day actually started the night before, I'd been asked to bring some PJ's for the children to wear for some of the photos and although all of them have numerous sets of winter PJ's the tops are rarely in the same place as the bottom. I made sure I had all their PJ's and clothes out and ready for them to put on the next morning, I also included two extra sets of pants & a spare pair of chucks for miss P who still has the occasional accident. I also loaded up my laptop with a dozen or so movies and a few seasons of horrible histories (great show check it out) and some snacks for during the day. After dinner I also took the opportunity to give them all a decent bath have some fun washing hair and getting knots out. (T hates having his hair combed).

I was up at 6 and had the three super models up soon after that and quickly organised their breakfasts and jumped in the shower. We were all dressed and out the door by about 7:30

As we were getting the train into work then driving out to the location in a company car I knew I had to bring miss P's booster seat. In hindsight I should have just driven to work or directly to the shoot but taking a train trip was interesting. I've never actually taken any of my children on public transport, we drive everywhere, its easier. I was thankful that we hop on at the end (or the beginning depending how you look at it) of the line so we were able to get a 4 pod spot to sit and squeeze in my bag and the car seat.

The Ride in was hilarious, C & P were asking so many questions about what was happening what the train was doing, whats that display etc etc. There was more than a few smiles for fellow commuters and all in all they were pretty good. I've had the pleasure of being on a crowded morning peak train with someone trying to control their wayward todler and in comparison mine were angels.

We arrived in the office about 9:30, I quickly got the children settled into a nearby desk to mine, put out some pens and pencils and paper and played catch up on my mornings emails. Some coworkers quickly made themselves available giving the children extra crafty stuff and coloured paper. We had to kill about 90 minutes so Miss P & Mr C made quick work of our office fruit platters before Pauline (The comms person running the photo shoot) arrived.

Not only had she brought in a multitude of toys and activities for the kids to entertain themselves with she also bought PJ's for them to wear for the shoot.

They played some golf and some chess for a while before Pauline suggested I take them out for some lunch so they were fed and ready for us to depart.

By around 12 the children were all fed and we were ready to leave. The shoot was in Macleod which is about 40 minute drive from the CBD and as I knew were we were going drove while Pauline entertained the children. I should add that Pauline is an actor outside of work and also does voice overs. Needless to say she entertained the children with a myriad of voices whilst explaining what they would need to do for the photos. She also had them practice their "Christmas smiles" and had each of them make up alter egos. T chose a skateboarding crime fighter while C went for secret agent and miss P opted for a fairy.

We arrived at the location and gave the 3 stars a run around at a nearby playground to run off some energy, we then progressed to the first of two locations. Numerous shots were taken of the 3 children with their "Fake Mum" & "Fake Dad" on a couch at a country club where there was ample space and lighting. They were all sitting down looking on as "fake Dad" opened a wrapped life jacket. I helped with the lighting and laughed my ass off at the facial expression they were pulling not to mention the trouble C was causing by giving thumbs up everytime a shot was taken. I also got the chance to have a few shots taken with just the 3 children and I so I look forward to see how they turn out.

With sufficient shots in tow we then progressed to site 2, a townhouse where the cast changed wardrobe to PJ's and had a mixture of shots some just dad, some with 2 children with fake mum & dad, some with 2 children and a puppy some with all three children.

C was a little intimidated by the dog which was just a playful pup but big enough to jump on him and lick his face so he stayed fairly close to me when not in shots.

Buy about 3pm it was all over, the cast changed back into their casual gear and we headed for the station to hop a train home.

We arrived at the end of our train line, loaded up the car and headed home, within minutes miss P was asleep (she actually fell asleep halfway through eating an ice cream cone). C followed within about 10 minutes and within about the same time T was also off in the land of nod. They slept the whole way home but soon woke with excitement as they told the other children what had transpired throughout the day.

I cant wait to see the shots, there was a big mixture and I'm told some will go on posters at outdoor shops, some may end up in magazines or papers and I should be able to get copies of them all. I had an absolute ball watching from the sidelines, it was tiring and I certainly slept well that night.

I didn't get to snap too many shots unfortunately, so you will just have to wait and see (like me) what ends up being used.

Until Next time.......

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