Friday, May 6, 2011

My Idea Of Craft

While i'll admit I know how to sew that and perhaps beading is about the extent of my craftiness.

I've always admired the amount of things you can do with knot work, specifically paracord. Paracord (aka Parachute Cord or 550 Cord) is basically the stuff that laces a parachute together, you can pick it up at most proper surplus stores, tie stuff together, boot laces etc etc

There are many uses for the stuff and you can knot it into anything. I like the bracelets, you end up with a decent length of rope that whilst ornamental at first glance can come in handy in in survival scenarios or simple bush mechanics.
Bracelets adapted into watch bands
Lanyards & key chains
Sheaths & covering handles
Stubby holders

So with much inspiration from EDC I tracked down a shop in the city that stocked paracord, Bought 4 metres and decided to have a stab at it.

I followed a set of directions I had which outlined how to lay out the cord, estimate your wrist size and so on. It was surprisingly easy, I got the measurements right first go and did not have to unravel once.

There are several options for the clasp. D-Rings, an old coin, Buttons or even additional knots. I had a dollar coin set aside but found a large old black button in the bottom of Mamma bears sewing kit.

A little red thread for color and voila. Its not perfect but as a first attempt I'm super pleased.
It fits too.
Made from one single piece of cord around 11 foot long.

If I ever snap a throttle cable or have some form of bear grills moment I'm set now. I also knocked up a lanyard for my keys (same style with a longer loop). next up I think I'll try some work on the handle of my maglite.

The children showed quite a bit of interest so this might become a project for them too. First up......... need to buy more cord.

Until next time.....


I used my remaining cord for a key fob/loop using a Lanyard Knot

Thanks Stormdrane


  1. Certainly is, I have you to thank for my lanyard knot :)

  2. I feel compelled to pay you the same 'compliment' that people always give me about my craft stuff - YOU SHOULD START YOUR OWN STORE AND SELL THOSE!! lol

    oh and the word 'macrame' comes to mind, heh.

    Seriously though, nevermind the survival side of things, how cool does it look?!