Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter is one of those holidays I used to loathe, mainly because of the chocolate, especially how early the supermarkets are stocked up with it. I like most have a soft spot for chocolate however in years past this has faded especially when it comes to chocolate bunnies. Gone are the times when id polish off some red tulip goodness several times in the lead up to easter but no so much these days.

I can proudly say this year in the lead up to easter I only partook in one bunnie and didn't enjoy it at all. So when easter sunday came around the children were the only ones eating choccies,only having one large white bunny each (they too know that its best in moderation and have all stated their preference for white over brown chocolate).

So after a few days of gorging on all sorts of foods we decided to burn off some of the excess energy wioth a bit of an afternoon hike.

There are some waterfalls close to us that we have planned to explore for months so while en route to our previously selected walking spot we made a detour.

Upon arriving at the carpark the sign stated that the falls were a 3.2km round trip which we knew would be easily doable for all but our youngest two daughters. With Miss H on mamma bares back and miss P on my soldiers (her words) we started on the trek.

It became quickly aparent that the walk was entirely uphill, the fading light made the trail almost tunnel like in places. After several swaps between Miss P and Mr C for prime position on my shoulders we made it to the falls, slightly less spectacular than what we expected but still worth the hike.

Some happy snaps:

After Swapping miss H to my shoulders the walk down the mountain was much easier.

I love living in the mountains.

Until next time......

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