Monday, May 23, 2011

A week in review

I started the week with another attempt at a paracord bracelet. Having looked at more examples on the net I realised that I could have tightened mine more. So I made another for myself (reusing the vintage matte black button) then re-tied my original smaller for Mr T. The craft theme continued as I ordered some additional paracord online - 100ft of black and 50 ft of camo.

I also went to lincraft and bought a mixed bag of buttons for $2.50, some cross stich thread for attaching the buttons and a couple of duffel coat style buttons, I tried one on T's bracelet but need to work out a better way to mount it.
T's with the duffel coat thingy
Mine being worn
Most of this additional stock is to do a craft session with the children but I also want to knock up one for apwool who has done sooooooo much knitting for the heads of both myself and my family members. Perhaps a scarf might tempt me to do one for J-man?? :P If peeps are interested in a bracelet hit me up and I'd be happy to do one.

Yesterday I purchased these wooden buttons for $2 each that I hope to use at some point.

We celebrated my 32nd birthday yesterday. We met MB's parents for lunch at our local pub and ate and laughed and drank for a few hours before hitting up a local nordic festival, there was an authentic viking camp site as well as kids farm, fairy floss, danish chocolates, hand made clothes, swords, hats and all sorts. (Its where I picked up the wooden buttons).

We came back to the house and the boys unloaded a uteful of wood while I got the fire going & MB made and iced a cake. I had two separate kips on the couch throughout the afternoon.

The fun didn't stop though, when MB's parents went to leave I wanted to move le boos and couldn't find the keys, this is weird for me as I'm pretty anal about putting stuff in the same place. We saw off the parentals then began to look for the bus keys, this started with me checking between couch cushions to all hands on deck for a top to bottom house search including outside and up the drive in the darkness by torch light. Almost certain they weren't in the house we called MB's parents to check if the keys had fallen out of my pocket when I backed their ute out. The keys weren't in the ute.

I should add at this point that through all this keys shenanigans I was pretty sure I left the keys in the front door when we got home from the festival. As we were about to extend the search to rubbish bins and all manner of places you dont want to sift through the phone rang. MB's mum had the keys in her back pocket. I'm pretty sure she followed me in and saw the keys hanging out of the front door and grabbed them. Fun and games in deed. Plans were made for me to pick up the keys & all was well. This did mean our planned movie was delayed so we only got to watch 2/3 of "The Way Back" before hitting the hay. All in all another great birthday.
Stacks on Dad


Hmm someone didn't understand how its done
Oh noes she is a little girl now
This is Kip #1
Its funny because I don't feel 32, looking back I felt pretty old and miserable about turning 31 last year but looking back there was a fair bit to be miserable about this time last year. C's tissue expansion, living in an annoying house, hating my job etc. These days while we aren't in our dream house and I'm not riding my Duc as much as I'd like to that's about all I can complain about.

There is so much more to be happy about. I like my job, its turning out like this contract will be extended for at least another 18 months (Today I approved my business card design). I love living amongst the mountains in the area where we are building our future, the children continue to brighten our every day as they grow so quickly (We just bought Mr B new basketball boots - size 8 mens Eek). I love that MB is growing a new life (she isn't as enthusiastic about feeling ill 24/7). All in all we are all happy & healthy and as I stared at my children huddled around the dining table coloring in under silent creative concentration I was also reminded how wealthy I am.

Really what more could you ask for?


  1. Oh rully, a scarf huh?
    I had actually contemplated one but wasn't sure if you were a scarf wearing dude or not, LOL.

    Your bracelets are looking fucking awesome!! And I am resisting the temptation to learn yet another craft...

    Kidlets have all grown soooo much since I was there, and that was only like a month ago, crazy!

    I luff your shirt and devilish look in the last photo :-)

    Yay for happy and healthy, you certainly do have an awesome family and I am so ridiculously stoked that youse are up the duff, a million congrats again!
    Love youse xox

  2. My Warmth is dependent on my hair, if I have hair I prefer a neck warming device, if I am shaven headed then i prefer a beanie.

  3. will see what I can do then, once I finish your beanie LOL :-)
    long? short? cowl? tie? wrap? anything particular you had in mind? send me pics if there is ;)