Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A phone call.

Was all it took to seal the fate of fertile Steve

Today I booked in for my vasectomy, It was a lot quicker and straight forward than I imagined, I figured there would be a waiting list, extra appointments for counseling etc etc. I guess when you have baby #7 on the way you can forget about the the formalities.

To say I'm nervous is fairly accurate. I'm a firm believer of facing your fears, I had several growing up that I would label "Childhood Fears". The first was heights, I was so scared of heights I couldn't sleep on the top bunk as a child. I remedied this when I took up abseiling in my early teens. I've since bungee jumped, para sailed & jumped off a 50ft cliff into water. I hope to skydive one day also.

My second fear growing up was needles, I hated them with a passion, I think it stemmed from an allergy to a tetanus shot I received when I was about 10. Between my tattoos and the number of needles I had when I broke both my arms. My fear of needles is non-existant now as I give blood regularly.

The last fear was for the general health off testicles, specifically my scrotum. This was two fold, the first being when I was about 5 I somehow managed to open my sack on a nail that was poking out of a friends cubby house, my mates still remind me of this (usually at the pub in front of total strangers). The second part was due to immense sensitivity I experience during puberty. Looking back I'm sure with the amount I grew in such a short time my hormone factory was running 24/7 regardless I always lived in fear of injuring my balls.

Years later when we had just the two boys Mr B kicked me in the groin resulting in a swollen testicle and several trips to the GP & untrasounds. That and endless knees elbows and transformers to the testicles region and I'm quite confident i've toughened up.

Fast-forward a decade and I'm much braver nowadays, but that still doesn't make me feel a little nervous.

I'm a firm believer in the male doing his part to ensure pregnancies are no longer possible once a couple agrees to stop having children. Having seen MB push out monster baby after monster baby not to mention all the poking and prodding she received during her pregnancies was proof enough that I knew it was MY responsibility. My father had a vasectomy and my parents were very open about the fact that he was having one, I intend to explain my reasons with my sons too.

I think the part that is worrying me the most is actually the thought of having a local anesthetic injected into my scrotum, but given I used to be a nurse and love a bit of blood and gore I hope I get to watch the procedure.

I've arranged to spend a few days post snip at MB's parents house. Mainly because my children are constantly climbing on me or spontaneously hugging me I felt it best to avoid any accidental bumps or knocks. I also realise I'm cutting it a little close to MB and my date night in the city which is only a few weeks later on the 18/6 so seeing how often we have a night in a nice hotel sans children I want to be taking it very easy leading up to that.

Until Next Time........ Enjoy THIS

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