Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding the right number

  • Our lifestyle isn't for everyone.
  • Sometimes the journey you learn most from is a difficult one.
  • 6 children is a lot of work.
  • Simple logistics of Saturday morning swimming lessons and basket ball games can required 4 trips and 2 vehicles.
  • Its usually always noisy at our house as voices are raised in a futile effort to be heard.
  • Usually a simple meal is frought with challenge between MB & I simply trying to compare stories from each others day.

The shock from other people when they hear I have 6 children starts to wane over time. You can really only be enthusiastic when someone exclaims "O H M Y G O D I C A N T B E L I E V E Y O U H A V E S I X C H I L D R E N" for the thousandth time. Its usually followed up with rather jovial "So....any more?" expecting my response to be "no way" instead I always get additional shock value when I answer "We'll probably go back for one more".

For some reason in the last few years (more so since Miss H arrived in late 09) we've felt that 7 was the "number". In part because we thrive in chaos and discord and 4 males and 4 females in the family seems a little too much like harmony.

We never planned on 7 from the get go, we were lucky to go back for a second after MB's horrible experience with Mr B. After that the only time I felt uneasy was the approaching arrival of baby #4. When he joined us Mr C had no room in our sedan, we upgraded to a 7 seater days after his birth Then again to our current 12 seater when miss H arrived. I think somewhere around baby #4 I looked into get a vasectomy however MB didn't feel "done" and looking back I wasn't sure either way.

My point of this post is part reflection and part-announcement.
(scroll down for added build up)

We are currently expecting, MB is up the duff, she has a bun in the oven etc etc

I have to say this came as a little surprise to us. We have been happily using the billings method for over 16 years using contraception during ovulation. Every pregnancy was planned and while we were planning for a 7th it was intended to be after we build our new house. Link

Well this little bean had other plans.

In hindsight MB suspects she actually ovulated twice as we used precautions during, before & after ovulation. One night of unprotected passion after being well clear of the "Danger Zone" was all it took.

This doesn't change priorities overly, we still intend to get cracking on the new house. Where we had intended to continue using billings method I now know that its drawing nearer to vasectomy o'clock. (In fact I have the referral in my wallet).

Quietly I'm hoping for a boy (Giving me enough players in the family for a mens basketball team) but will take anything (girl or panther).

We told MB's parents last Tuesday night then told the children on the way home in le boos. It led to a lengthy discussion on potential names some of those that I recall were:
Ben 10
James Tiberias
Hermoine (Seeing a trend here?)

As with the other children we will keep the short list to ourselves and because I don't post names on this here blog you'll have to get to know me better outside the webisphere if you want to find out.

Untill next time.........

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