Monday, May 10, 2010

Tissue Expansion Has Started

Mumma Bare, Miss H & I Took Mr C to the RCH last Thursday morning for his next op, He had to fast from 8am so we got up early (6:30) and had breakfast, unfortunately this is at least 2 hours earlier than his normal breaky time so he wasn’t really peckish. We packed a bag and hopped in the love bus and headed in.
Sleeping in the bus

The wait is a killer, its mainly to ask all the relevant questions, sign forms and observe the child is in good health but for a 4 year old who had had 2 mouthfuls of cereal to eat all day its torture. He finally went in around 3pm so Mumma & I were able to get some food into ourselves also.

After about an hour and a half it was all done, we were paged to come to recovery. I know I left MB behind as we walked in as I was so anxious to see him, in his previous ops he has been all bandaged up so when I first laid eyes on open suture lines it was upsetting. Due to the scarring last time the doc wanted his stitches left open.

He was extremely groggy but wanting to rub his face this made things difficult. I had to help the Nurse hold his hands, which he hated, in the end we thought it best he sit on my knee and eat an icypole to occupy his hands. Most of the remaining Nevus on his check was gone, and beneath his blonde hair you could see where the expander sat. He was soon transferred to the ward. I think by this stage it was about 6pm, he was still pretty groggy, we tempted him with jelly but he only had a mouthful then fell asleep.

Mamma Bare & Miss P headed home, so I sat on the Chair beside the bed and tried to get some rest. C woke around 11pm and wanted to go to the toilet, he was given some pain relief and then had some more jelly. Whilst eating he felt his face and his head and asked me where his birthmark was. I explained that it was still there, but some of his cheek has been removed and that he had a balloon under the skin on his head (we had shown him numerous photos of his last round of expansion) He wasn’t happy about this, he said “I want my birthmark back, I don’t want a balloon, its ruined” What can you say to a 4 year old who drops this bomb. I immediately felt the wash of guilt come over me, It was our decision to put him through this. I didn’t know what to say, I just hugged him and cried.

The moment was broken by him bringing up his jelly and pain meds, I leant him forward and missed his pyjamas but the bed was messed up. I sat him on a chair in front of the hand basin while I nurse changed, cleaned and remade his bed. He quickly fell asleep and I moved him to his bed. He slept well, I cant say the same for myself, our room was noisy and bright. He woke around 3 AM and started to touch his stitches so I laid beside him and held his hand until he fell asleep again. It was good to be able to get sleep for a few hours.

Morning came around, he devoured his breakfast and quickly started asking to go home. I tried to kill time by walking the corridor and when the activity room was open we did some painting and playdo but he wanted out. After a clean of his sutures and a prescription we were off.

Mamma bare was already on route but we decided to walk (he really wanted out of the hospital)

We decided to take the opportunity of only having 2 children to our advantage and did some shopping. C picked out a bumblebee transformer and we got a gift for each of his siblings.


Taking his anti's

That’s about all I can recall from the hospital.

Until next Time……..

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  1. Ouch, what a heart wrenching moment it must have been when he said he wanted his birthmark back :(

    ((hugs)) to you and yours xox