Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Day Another Birthday

Mr C turned 4 today
Its been a whirl wind 4 years too, moving 3 times, renovating our house, selling it, buying land.

Its also been busy for him, 2 Surgeries, 3 months of expansion treatment. He has now had more operations and stitches than any other member of our family of 8 put together.

I love his love of cars & motorcycles, and how when he sees one he immediately attributes a transformer to that colour/style. I love that he makes up the soundtrack to our day through his own renditions of such classics as the transformers theme, the starwars themes (imperial death march in particular), indianna jones theme and the list goes on.

I love that his smile can make a 14 hour day easily forgotten when I walk in the door.

I hope that when he is older he will not remember the parts of his 4 years that have not been easy, or at least understand why. I hope he does not feel animosity towards me for those times when I have had to hold him with tears streaming down my face while a Doctor puts a needle in his head.

Today also marks the occasions of his last day before the next round of tissue expansion

Last time was the first time, we didn’t know what to expect, there was much more build up. It was the reason we moved back to our home in VIC from QLD, it was the reason I changed jobs. There were numerous specialist’s appointments and consultations for almost 2 years leading up to his last operation which in many ways seemed to make the time go slower. This time around we had a 1 year consultation and his surgeon basically said “ok lets put him on the list for the next round” and that’s all that we have had to do.

This will all change tomorrow. He will be having one expander inserted under his scalp and another section of nevus excised from his cheek.

IF last time was anything to go by we will then have visits every week to fill up the expander for around 12 weeks then he will have another op to remove the expander along with another section of nevus tissue. He wont have to endure the stares of strangers because he is still young and innocent, he wont have to field questions from other children answering whats "wrong" with his face. His older brothers have that base covered.

I'm not looking forward to whats to come, but its only 12weeks out of our life, its also winter so we wont be doing the same activities we did last time (the treatment ran over summer)

We are still debating documenting the process for him but how and in what form I dont know

Until next time.....

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