Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I turned 31 on Saturday; it’s hard to believe it has been another year already. I had a bit of a party for my 30th, 50 or so peeps and a delicious spit roast cooked by yours truly. This year was more relaxed (but just as awesome).

Friday night kicked off to my surprise with me being presented with my birthday gift of aftershave, this was done early as apparently Not just Mamma Bare but all the billy Lids smelt very manly so it was hard to disguise the fact that they had been sniffing numerous eau de toilets all afternoon. They settled on some that everyone liked and so do I.

We then progressed to with pizza making. I like doing home made pizzas every few weeks, I used to do it all myself but in keeping with my “Embrace the Chaos” motto I involve the children more and more. Our oven kind of sucks and sometimes they don’t turn out as good as I’d like but the kids love them regardless.

This time I had some help from Miss P & Mr C. Unfortunately we kind of disagreed on a few techniques for rolling pizza dough, a brief (but intense) flour fight broke out & hilarity ensued. It was sooo much fun, there were little white foot prints all through the house and in bed several hours later I was still picking flour out of my eyebrows.

Saturday morning started off with lots of wrestling in the bed with the little ones followed by a coronation ceremony (me receiving a crown made by Mr B, presentably L).

Me Being Regal

We then proceeded to our normal swimming session for half the day followed by an outing to a lovely little town near where we are building our house for a bakery lunch. The bakery also happens to be beside a saved/reclaimed timber saw mill that will be the source for a lot of the unique lumber used for the house I’m designing.

One of the features of our house will be a rather large dining room table made out of one single slab of timber. Similar to this I intend for it to be left as is and just stained and coated in clear, rough edges and knots and grains included. Beside the timber mill they have picnic benches made out of similar slabs (though not as big) it was great to have a meal at a table of the similar design to what I’ve had in my head for so long. Stay Tuned on that one.

After Lunch we hit up some op shops, Some of the purchases included an antique make up case for miss L (not for make up though) some clothes and some cooking stuff. We also brought some handmade goats milk soap from a little shop which I am pleased to report is really really nice to wash with and hardly tastes of goat whatsoever.

Saturday evening we hit up one of our local (to where we are building not where we currently live) pubs with Nanna & Poppy (Mamma bares Parents) for delicious meals like chicken parmas, pasta, wedges etc etc washed down with a few pints.

Me After a few Pints

Mamma bare drove home and we picked up an ice-cream cake (hey I’m a big kid what can I say?) but we decided to do that Sunday night after dinner as it was late and half the children had fallen asleep in the bus on the home journey. We snuggled up in bed and watched some united states of tara on my laptop in bed.

Sunday I got Up early to go for a ride with a fellow bike forum member, I will detail this on my motorcycle blog, in summary it was an awesome ride, despite some interesting moments in the wet and on a few occasion icy roads. Winter is certainly on its way.

Some Ice Obligatory Fuel Stop Shot
I got home just after 2pm and although we had intended to check out a new park we saw last week we opted for lazy afternoon in. The Children watch the new Alice in Wonderland Movie, which actually looked quite good. I watched “Edge of Darkness” a thriller with Mel Gibson & Ray Winston which was awesome I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

Sunday dinner was the children’s favourite – Pasta Carbonara followed by the long awaited ice-cream cake dessert. Fun was had by all as expected

Mamma Bare and I curled up in bed and watched “Valentines Day” not bad, certainly nowhere near the calibre of our favourite rom com “Love Actually” but not bad.

All in all a great weekend, I like it when the weekends are full but not busy (if that makes sense) I am looking forward to checking out this new park next week, from what we have seen on a drive by recon mission it looks awesome.

Until next Time…..

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  1. great pics, especially the last one!
    I totally agree with the 'full but not busy' thing too. If our weekends aren't full I feel like we are wasting days, but then if they are busy I feel like I need another weekend LOL.