Sunday, May 30, 2010

Embracing The Fail

Over the years i've taken to many thing like a duck to water, abseiling, canoeing, water skiing, hunting, video games ete etc.


But there are some medial everyday tasks that I just suck at. I'm not fussed by this, as a matter of fact I have embraced it. Here are a few:

Cooking Pasta
I cant tell when pasta is done, It tastes the same to me whether it is just wet or has been in the pot for 10 minutes.

Ripping Perforated Paper
You know those magazines that have like a special lift out section, I can never rip them off in one piece, there is always a little hanger that gets left behind or more rips off than I intend to. A subset of this is opening the washing powder box, but nobody can rip those in one piece.

Hand Writing
I used embarrassing photos of third grade teacher to black mail her into giving me my pen license. My handwriting will never be the standard that my 9 year old currently is at.

Cracking Eggs
Nope cant do it without breaking the yoke, ok I'll admit I'm currently sitting around 70/30 failure rate. But Mamma bare makes the best fried eggs so the worse I am the more I enjoy hers.

Remembering Names/Numbers
I'm brilliant with faces, I never forget a face, but names and numbers I suck. You better hope if you meet me you have a less common name. I have had brain farts remembering my pin on my EFT card when shopping many times. Dates are another shocker, most of my children need 2-3 birthdays notched up before I remember the date. The Exception to this would be music, I'm pretty good at "who sung what".

Touch typing
12 years working in IT you'd think I could. I type several thousand words a day but I don't touch type, I'm what I call a hybrid touch type, I'll use 2-3 fingers on the keys and my thumb on the space but I have to look where I'm typing. But it doesn't stop me from typing quickly though, I look scan between the keys & the screen so spelling typos are usually fixed on the fly.

Wolf Whistling
Mamma Bare rocks at this, but alas I can barely whistle a tune let alone break windows. Mr B can whistle better than I can.

Hammer In Nails
I have soft computer hands, and very long fingers, these aren't the most ideal recipe for laying flooring. When i re-did our kitchen and dining are at the old house I must have hit my finger/s 100 times throughout the days required to lay sheeting. If I need to do lots of nailing on the new house I will start with a nail gun.

Until Next Time, I'm off to practice my paper ripping.

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