Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mmm Beef

Its been a while since I did a food post so here is tonights dinner.

Very easy to make beef curry.
Heat some olio & worstershire sauce in the good old elec frying pan

Cut up the spuds and throw them in the steamer

Throw the beef in the pan and brown it.

Next put about a tablespoon of curry powder in a small container. Mumma bare puts in 1 tablespoon (I like more so I usually pretend to sneaze or something and "accidentally" put 2-3 tablespoons in)
Mix in a bit of warm water
Throw it in the pan with the meat
Doing this with half a dozen children in the house while your wife is out on her walk means you have plenty of offers from potential apprentices
Have your apprentice stir on occasion
Next up grab about 2 tablespoons of gravox
Add 3-4 cups of warm water and have your apprentice stir it all together
Pour in with the meat
I usually add peas & corn and on occasion carrots
Simmer for a while (however long it takes for the spuds to cook usually)
Mash the spuds with some butter & milk

Its quick, easy and tasty. Ok so it doesn't look that appealing but the best part is my eldest boys dont like it so there is always plenty when I make it. Sometimes we substitute the spuds for rice or leave out the curry and just have the gravy base sauce.
Untill next time.....

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