Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yabby Fail

It was my original intention to do a lovely write up about catching some of these suckers, doing some biology with the children then eventually cooking up a decent feed.

Unfortunately we didn't catch any, we found ourselves in deliverence country at a Yabby Farm that was highly suspect. I had to pay cash up front and the bait they gave us was so dry I had no confidence. Ideallt it would be good to just go somewhere and order a kg of live yabbies but at the "farm" we chose you had to catch your own.
We had a net and several lengths on string with rotting meat on the end for "fishing" I have always trapped Yabbies in a net, left in the water for quite a while (Like overnight)

But alas after 2 hours we never had a nibble.
I didn't actually get the impression there were any yabbies there, there was no sign of tails, claws or anything to show people had caught any before.
L quickly tired of the mud and decided to listen to the radio in the car.

It didn't stop her from barking instructions and How-tos

Given how hard C crashed for the trip home I think energy was still well spent.

The kids were dissappointed that we didn't get to catch any and more importantly try eating some. They did agree that that they had fun regardless. I grew up catching and eating Yabbys, and Rabbits and want to share this with my children Now I just need to find a better yabby farm!!
Until next time.....

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