Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soundtrack to my work week

I have what you would call a rather varied music collection, at last count I had about two and a half thousand albums. Stuff ranging from Country and western, to punk, to hip hop to heavy metal and everything in between. These days I dont really listen to commercial radio so you wont find anything "Too" popular.

I haven't added the film clips as I feel you need to listen to music before you see a film clip

Phoenix - Lisztomania
My feel good tune for 2009, it did alright in the hottest 100. Also check out "Lasso" and "1901"

Regina Spektor - Real Love
I first heard her Lennon cover a few years back and immediately went and got her albums. Check out anything by her its all good, especially "Samson" & "Laughing With"

Julian Casablacas - Out of the Blue
Front man for the strokes, I was pretty happy with his first solo offering especially this one

The Kooks - Naive
Off their first album (and covered by Lily Allen)

The Kooks - Always where I need to be
Off their second album. This is the song that got me into the kooks. Also check out "Sway" or anything from their album "konk"

The Raconteurs
Hands down one of my favourite bands, A.K.A. The Saboteurs in Australia I've been a big Jack white fan since his White Stripes days. I also love what he's doing in the dead weather of late.

First recommended song from their second album consolers of the lonely is - The Switch And The Spur (I love the whaling brass and mariachi band sound)

The Raconteurs - You Dont Understand Me
By far my favourite Raconteurs song I love that it builds throughout the song to the final Piano Solo 3:39 - Its just bashing on the keys at the end but soooo effective.

Its not all new stuff on my regular play lists though
The Beatles - Blackbird
Their most simple and yet beautiful song in my option.

There are so many others, Elenor Rigby, Lady Madonna, sgt peppers, with a little help from my friends I could list another 20 beatles songs that I adore

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
I feel like a bit of a hypocrite saying I like JC because I remember trips up to the family farm in my Dads 70's ford fairlaine and the only cassettes he had was Johnny cash, I used t bag him for being old and having no taste in music. I feel the tool now :)

Also check out the classics, "ring of fire", "I walk the line" and more recently "The man comes around" and the fantastic NIN cover "Hurt"

thats all for now until next time.....

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