Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mamma bares mother recently broke a bone in her hand/wrist while on holidays in Vietnam, it was the first bone she has ever broken. Mamma bare has also never broken a bone, neither have any of our children. This combined with a nice little bump as mentioned on my bike blog combined with a little incident causing me to skin both shins on Saturday made me reflect on some of the many injuries I have done to myself over the years.

Here are just a few:

Both wrists
Yes I broke both my wrists at the same time, I was playing basketball on an outdoor court at school shortly after a light shower and after doing a slam dunk I slipped from the ring and put both hands back, snapping the radius and ulna off at the wrist on arms hands. I can still (15 years later) hear the sound it made as 4 bones simultaneously snapped, kind of like a hollow "chock" sound, both arms required manipulation to get the bones realigned and the left didn't set straight and was re-broken & reset a week later. They ache like hell at the start of every winter now and if I have them in the same position for a period of time I can make them click.

Broken Left Shoulder
Again at school standing on a roll of carpet in the gym, someone kicked it and I fell back on my shoulder snapping it off at the joint.

Left Shoulder Dislocation
Again at school, I was running and tripped, the funny part was that my mother insisted I was ok and despite my complaints finally had it x-rayed a week later to find it was dislocated.
Lost cund how many, I do recall doing one of my little fingers at basketball then having it rebroken a few weeks later by Mamma bare who squeazed it while pushing out 10 pons of Mr T

Toes X 4
I have broken the right little toe once, the left one twice and my left big toe once, which hurt like hell and took at least a month before I could walk properly. It doesn't move as freely now. The pic aboce shoes the busted little toe & big toe, done at different times onthe same day. I have size 15 feet so toe stubbing is common.

Playing Basketball on a fast break I was taken out mid air and landed flat on my bum from about 4 foot off the ground, this hurt like hell also, try sitting on one but cheek for a month.

Been lucky here, I've only had a dozen or so, several through operations, some in the back of my head from a swan dive through a glass door in kinder and finally a couple in my shin from a roller-skating incident (had those without anestetic - hurt like hell)

Misc. Scars
All my knuckles: I grew up on a hill, we used to ride down the hill sitting down on homemade skateboards (grating our knuckles on the road whenever we fell off).
Left buttock: I have a ripper hear that a few close friends have seen, I was climbing over a fence and jumped off the top and didn't see a nail poking out, apparently it should have been stitched but wasn't resulting in a nice scar.
Right side of my face: went a little wide will riding my bike and kissed a fence, took of a fair bit of skin off, the scars are pretty faded now.
Back of my right knee: I was racing my brother on our bmx's when my chain snapped, my right leg slipped off the front of the pedal and my foot went between the front and back wheels, the chain wheel did a nice mess there.

The funny thing is, I have bungee jumped, rockclimbed, paraseiled & clocked up several thousand km's of logged abseiling jumps but they were always under the strictest of safety.

When it comes down to it the minor stuff is where all the injuries are done. I have never broken a bone or taken skin off on a motorcycle because I always where full gear.

I know mamma bare and I are fairly cautious about the safety of our children. We grew up around farms & know the mischeif we got into. But parents in general these days are much more cautious. You only need to watch as we shadow our tiny tots at playgrounds all around the country every weekend. In some cases I dont think its a bad thing for a child to hurt themselves, a skined knee or elbow here and there at most. But if you can avoid it dont let your children break bones, while they quickly healed for me I find they are rarely the same after a break. My shoulder gives me hell, but I broke and dislocated it, my left wrist aches in the cold but it was broken twice in as many weeks.

Dont worry, there are plenty more a tales of injury for another day, like the time I fell off a 4 meter balcony in Noosa.

Until next time..........

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