Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday - Boys Morning Out

I'm the only early riser stuck in a house full of sleepers. I usually use my 2-3 hours "Quite Time" of a Sunday morning to catch up on any cleaning/washing or possibly mop the floors (impossible when everyone is up). On occasion I'll go for a ride but this weekend I decided to get a little more active. So masters B, T and I decided to walk the 1000 steps AKA the Kokoda walk. With early morning rains it was the perfect weather for a bit of a hike.

"The Kokoda Walk is a very steep track walk consisting of 1,000 steps. Along the way are plaques depicting the lives of those who fought and died on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea in World War II. The physical effort required to complete the climb gives walkers a sense of the exhaustion experienced by the Australian soldiers following the trail during the Kokoda campaign in 1942."

I was up pretty early, laced up the trusty Merrells and packed the camel back with a few hi energy snacks and the 3 of us headed over to mt dandenong. Its a great walk we had the circuit completed within the hour (I think it was 1.8km up and 2.3km back), we weren't really hitting the pace I like to walk at but that's ok, it WAS hard on the youngin's so we carried a few litres of water and kept hydrated and made plenty of stops.

In some places the trail gets quite tight and as its a popular trek on weekends it did get busy in places.

A rest at the Top:
We made the call to take the steep longer route back down as there are no steps and the trail is allot wider and easier when there are many walkers/hikers/joggers.

The boys decided to go inside a hollowed out tree because it was "Scary" (Apparently this is them scared)
B Snapped this one of T and I in said tree.

This was just before we arrived back at the bottom.
All in all a great way to kill a few hours, and I feel like I really did some good cardio today, I'm thinking I might try and make it a regular early morning weekend exercise.
Until next time......

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