Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Weeks of Coke Freedom

Well its now been 3 weeks since I had coca-cola of any variety. The last time I gave up coke I still had the occasional post-mix coke (usually from Subway) on weekends so I never felt the benefits of being free of the dreaded black death.

I'm waking up earlier and more energised than I have in years, sure I am ready for bed earlier too at 10:30-11PM but that suits me. In comparison when I was consuming coke bedtime was more around 12-1AM so now its great. Besides its not like time spent between 11Pm & 1Am was ever productive anyway.

This new feeling of being energised in the mornings has also helped with my daily commute. Some days I was getting up at 7- 8am or even 9am I wasn't getting in the office til after 9 sometimes 10am, this meant paying for parking and not being able to leave at 5.

For the last 2 weeks though I've been up at 6am or earlier every day (even the weekends). I've beat the peak hour rush & scored on site parking & most importantly been able to leave earlier.

Until next time.........

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