Monday, March 1, 2010

My Aim: To get fit.................(Again)

A little over 2 years ago I gave blood for the first time. Its a great thing to do and if you are eligible I highly recommend it, they give you pies, sausage rolls and a milkshake plus all the lollies you can stuff in your pockets.

Anyhoo as part of the process of donating a bag full of red stuff you have to weigh yourself, needless to say I didn't like what I saw.

I pretty much started walking a few days later, at first I did it every 3rd night. Once I felt more confident in my legs (and lungs) I upped it to daily & then cut out chocolate and coke from my diet .

I like to indulge so I promised myself I could have post mix coke (Subway) but only on the weekend. I also started switching from a walk to broken jogs and soon full on running. My time to complete the 10km circuit had started at over 2 hours and I soon had it down to 1:10. The next Scales attempt at the red cross yielded a loss of 25 kilograms.

I was pretty happy with that & maintained the level of exercise for quite a while, I've always played sport once a week but for the first time in years I felt truly fit and healthy. Unfortunately things got busy with our house renovations and when you have a house full of children the only time for painting is of an evening - the time when I had previously done my run.

Fast-forward and we got the house completed and on the market, it sold with a quick settlement which resulted in rush to find somewhere to live etc etc thrown in with a little too much coke and takeaway through the whole process leading up to me giving blood last week. I was not surprised to see I had pretty much put back on all the weight I had lost.

So starting today, I have now had my last hot lunch, my last coke & my last take out so no more sweet snacks or naughty treats and I start walking tomorrow. The next weigh in (next blood donation) is in about 10 weeks so I hope to do 20 kg (which I think is realistic).

Its hard finding the time to do an hour or two of cardio a night, ironically its for my children that I want to be around til i'm ninety but its also my children that tie me up for time of an evening.

I also want to be a bit more comfy in my bike leathers for track days next summer.

Stay tuned for further updates........

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