Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Day, Another Birthday - The Wet Weekend

Mr T turned 8 while we were on camp so we threw a party yesterday. He wanted to have it at our local swim centre (where we spend every Saturday). The added bonus & main reason for his decision was that when having your birthday there you get to play on an inflatable jumping castle that floats on water, this is a big hit with the youngsters.

It was already a busy weekend for us, we like to have one thing planned per day we spent Saturday morning as usual swimming and followed up with T's friends 8th birthday party on Saturday evening. Among other things C managed to eat until he threw up, I fell in the Yarra trying to rescue a baseball & we ended up making it a rather late night of cake baking and "Happy Face" making.

T wanted an ice-cream cake but as the drive to the centre is not exactly quick and we would be having the cake later in the party it was agreed that mamma bare would work her cake magic. As a substitute to ice-cream we also made these happy faces. You basically ice a biscuit any desired colour you like, dip the top in 100's & 1000's for hair then add a jelly bean for the mouth, a musk for the nose and round coloured choccies for eyes. They were a big hit and devoured in minutes.

Sunday morning we all rose fairly early and mamma bare iced the cake & made up a fruit platter. I made fairy bread and prepped a nice big cooler of cordial and then we loaded up the bus and made our way to the centre. Things kicked off about 15 minutes late as none of our guests had been out to where we live since we bought our land a few months back. The children (aprox 13 kids made up of friends and family) played games like scarecrow tiggy, treasure hunt & noodle races in the medium pool. Both myself and my brother in law & father in-law also got involved - a great time was had by all. We then progressed to the large pool for floating inflatable fun. Here are some of the 100 or so photos:

Now strictly speaking the inflatable is for children aged 8 and over. Out of 13 children 4 were aged 8 or over so we bent the rules slightly, the hostess was cool with this as we had 2-3 adults in the water and 1-2 out helping the children onto the first obstacle. I tried stepping on the start and fell straight in the water, it was softer than I expected, I would have loved to have a go though. 3 out of our 5 swimmers had go, Miss L and Mr C aren't really that confident at the deep end so they watched happily. I was most impressed with Miss P our 2 year old who gave it a go, assisted by her big brother.

After the inflatable fun we sat the children down for food and did the cake:

A first for us was that all the food & snacks eaten & no children came back with the usual "I'm huuuuuuungry" so we judged the numbers well. After polishing off every last skerrick of cake the kids enjoyed some wrestling fun in the pool with their uncle, which was good for me, normally its me being beaten up so I was able to relax in the pool. I felt for mamma bare who had miss H in arm most of the time and couldn't swim, despite being a cool day the heated pool creates a sort of greenhouse atmosphere so it was really quite warm for the non swimmers.

We ducked out to our land to show our friends where the future house will be built and then headed home for much needed rest, I have to say I slept like a log last night. Everything hurts this morning though.

Until next time.......

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