Sunday, February 28, 2010

A weekend Of Cooking

Not much free time his weekend for blogging, Saturday we had some good friends, newlyweds and newly pregnant over for dins, even thought we have been down that road so many times its always exciting when friends get themselves knocked up
I did a fairly large sized piece of beef for Saturday for dinner with roasted herb potatoes.
I'm still trying to find the perfect herb mix for beef, but this turned out pretty good.

Sorry no "After photos".

I also had a gig catering the meet for a work colleague who recently resigned o move back to the states. I did 3 Lambs (all double boneless legs) 1 was injected with garlic cloves, the other 2 copped a oregano/rock salt dusting over extra virgin olive oil rub. Needless to say they all turned out fantastic.

I cooked them on High for an hour medium for the next hour then high for the last. I also filled the bottom of the spit with water, this makes cleaning out the tray easier and also circulates a bit more steam making the meat partially steamed as well as roasted.

I really enjoy cooking for large groups and a few extra hundred in the wallet for 1/2 a days work cant hurt. So given today's success and all the positive feedback I received I think this year I might make a bit of an effort to set myself up and maybe even start a little business, just doing meat/spit roasts not full catering. I have another giog lined up for late March/April so who knows.

Until next time...................

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